Outer Realms

Farewell, Captain Avery!

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Captain Avery is a simple delivery driver for Harv n Barv's, doing everything he can to make it through the week. After a mishap involving broken warp drives and pissed-off squids, (and an encounter with an asshole god), he ends up stranded in Cratonia, some backwater planet (?) not on any map he's seen. Will he survive? Eh, probably not... but you'll have to read to find out!
  Quick notes; All pairings in this story are up to reader interpretation! The romance isn't too essential to the story anyway, and if you wanted you could say all the characters are just really good friends. Also, everything is subject to spontaneous editing. I'll leave a comment when I do, but be prepared.
  MAJOR EDITS IN PROGRESS! Apologies if there's some temporary inconsistencies.