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Human Myth
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Nasha moves through the forest as quietly as she can, stalking her prey. She doesn’t exactly look human. From the waist up, she looks like a normal woman in her late twenties with long hair down to her back. But from the waist down, she has a long snake-like body.

She sights her prey and readies an arrow on her bow. She draws back. Then a sudden storm of thunder and lightning with a gust of wind appears from nowhere and scares her prey away. But the storm is over as quickly as it had started.

Nasha looks to the sky through the forest canopy and sees not a cloud in the sky. “Odd” she says to herself. She looks where her prey was and decides to that it isn’t worth the chase and starts to head home.

Nasha comes to a clearing in the forest and sees someone lying in it asleep. But as she gets closer she notices something very odd about them. They don’t look like any other being in this area and their cloths don’t look like anything from around this area. They do seem to be male and around her age if not a little older. There seems to be no signs of him having walked into the clearing. As she studies him, she thinks about what race he could belong to. Then it hits her, “He’s a human!” She imminently pulls back and away from him in shock. No human has been seen in centuries. Yet before her lies a sleeping human being.

Nasha stares at him and then she notices him starting to stir. She pulls back into the woods to hide her lower body.

John finally comes to with a groan. He sits up and looks around. He doesn’t recognize where he is. As he looks around he notices a woman at the edge of the clearing he is in. He calls out to her “Hey do you know where I am?”

She doesn’t move. He says “Do… do you even understand me?”

She says “Y..Yes. I am just shocked you know my tongue.”

John looks puzzled for a second, then starts to get up saying “My name is John. What is your name?”

She says “Nasha”

John says “Well Nasha, you still haven’t answered my first question. Where am I?”

Nasha says “That may be hard to explain.”

John says “Why?” He looks at her and adds “You can come closer.  I won’t bite.”

Nasha decides that moving into the clearing will be the best way to answer his questions. She takes a deep breath and moves forward.

John’s jaw drops as Nasha moves into clearing. From the waist up she looks like a very pretty woman, but from the waist down she has a snake like body. John tries to recover himself from staring at her by saying “Well…that’s…New”.

Nasha says “That is why it may be hard to explain where you are. I don’t know where you came from.”

John decides to try his best to figure out how help her. “Well…I came from Earth and I’m human.”

Nasha say excitingly “YOU ARE!  I knew it! There hasn’t been a human on this land for centuries.” Nasha moves in close, almost shocking John with her speed.

John says “Woah, easy does it there” as he backs up from her. He feels something hit against his chest. He reaches into his shirt and finds he is wearing a large round amulet with a design on it. John says “Huh?” as Nasha moves in to take a look at it.

Nasha says after looking at the design “Could this be it?  Could you be him?”

John says “Could be what and who?”

Nasha says “The Traveler. He is said to be a great man, a “Human” man. Who travels the lands helping it times of trouble and he wears this amulet. It may even be the reason we can understand each other.”

John says “Do you know anything else…about this Traveler?”

Nasha says “Not much, only the stories that have been passed down to me. My mother may know more.”

John says “Well then let’s go she her.”

Nasha says “That will not be very easy to do.”

John says “I have a feeling nothing is going to be easy for me with you.”

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Human Myth: Vol 2

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