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Book I

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Book I

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Book I : A Fortuneteller's Poem

For was a fornite and a half that lie in these seeds,

the ground did tumble beneath mighty feet,

twas a gamble of fate which rung out through the lands,

two armies of daga would soon be at hand.

Blood would be spilt along with bread broken,

the first daga to fall would be Draken's armies blood soaken,

not a lie would be spoken save for that in rumored hearts.

This story which sings an epic of ruin,

did happen I swear it from my head to my tail.

The Odyssey of Trumark would soon be unveiled.


Book I : A Diplomat's Interplay

The summer brought shining faces which did sing, all throughout the Draken kingdom. Consciences settled on an early harvest for bread which would sprout in the fields along the 

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