Chronicles of Mann

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This had been submitted to Royal Road where I will be updating chapters and posting on that site.
  War and chaos have spread across the Settled Worlds of Mann. In the north west of the Settled Worlds the Dragon's Head Nebula has long suffered attacks and raids from the Furse who have raided throughout Fabian Space and beyond. The Commonwealth of Drala, the leading power in the Dragon's Head Nebula was born out of such attacks from the Furse and find themselves under new threats from within and outside it's borders as they rule over those worlds the Furse conquered and now swear loyalty to King Oswald Gisking and the Commonwealth.
  To the east of the Dragon's Head Nebula lies Furse Space across the great expanse of space known as the Nord Void. King Harwyn Lynch has recently conquered the Kingdom of Highpass after regaining the throne of the Kingdom of Fist in his bid as the latest to attempt to unite the Furse Empire which shattered almost fourteen hundred years ago.
  Kings and Queens rise and fall, and lords swear and sell their loyalty. Betrayal is common, and throughout the Settled Worlds of Mann the common folk suffer in one war or another. As men and women stand up and forge nations and empires, they fall just as quickly, and in the darkness an ancient enemy continues to wait for their time to gain their revenge on Mannkind.