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An Idiot's Guide to Spellcasting

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So you picked up your first book on magic! Or, you’re a seasoned magic user who can’t read the ancient Kraken I used when titling this book, good luck translating that. Either way, you’re about to realise that this isn’t exactly your normal kind of book, even of the magical variety. Most of the pages are blank. More pages will appear as you need them. You can't just skip to the good bits. That is just how it is. Get over it. If you want to break the spell you’ll need acid from the second stomach of the Torn’t, so don’t even try.
  So let’s lay down a few ground rules first:
  1. No skipping to the end. It’s not like you can, but if I didn’t put it in the rules the spell might not have worked. 2. If this book states something to be totally possible, it is… probably. 3. If this book states something is not possible, it… probably isn’t? 4. If this book states that something is not recommended, NEVER DO IT. 5. If you do it anyway, take a bard with you to recount the tale. 6. EVERYONE can do magic. Yes, even you.
  You’ll know the book is over when I tell you it’s title, and you’ll know you’re done with the book when you understand it’s title. With the introduction out of the way, let’s begin.