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The Unhallowed

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LAST UPDATED: 2/20/2024
  It's been almost a thousand years since the great Hallowing War sundered the barrier between the Seven Hells and the mortal realm. In the wake of this conflict, the denizens of Emmeron have slowly rebuilt while suffering through war, famine, and illness on an inconceivable scale. While the nightmarish creatures that waged war on the world have been thrust into the shadows once more, something has begun stirring.
  Abandoned in the woods as a newborn, and raised amidst the forest folk, Raum has lived a life of peace. Despite her heritage as a demonkin, she has known friendship and family. But now, the nightmares have begun, showing her a vision of the coming apocalypse that will overtake the lands of Emmeron again. Something calls to her in the distance of the vision, pulling her into a web of deceit, loss, and violence.
  On the heels of a bloody failure, Whisper and Lawbrin arrive at Hammerhenge Island, transporting a dangerous piece of cargo. The memories of the massacre at Merton are still fresh additions to the suffering and burdens they have carried over the years. Now, tasked with investigating a series of mass disappearances on the mainland, they must embark on a quest that will shake them to their very cores, and threaten to break what little hope they still cling to.
  Aibel is a drifter, hunting the creatures that stalk the dark corners of the world. A loner by choice, he accepts a contract to locate missing children from the village of Mistwick. As he uncovers the sinister threads surrounding the disappearances, he is thrust headlong into a fight for the very soul of the continent. The question is, will he embrace the darkness he has fought so desperately against, or will he reclaim his humanity and turn toward the light once again?
  A time of blood and fire is rising on the Continent. The Unhallowed will rise again.
  ***This manuscript is a WIP, and will be updated as I complete new chapters. Be advised, some chapters are still a little raw and require further editing, which will occur as I'm able.