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We knew we were the center of the universe.

We knew the Earth was flat.

We knew nothing existed smaller than the naked eye could see.

We knew only birds and bugs could fly upon the wind.

Yes, we knew so many things…even if it was only for a moment. 


There is so much more to see than our little world; a vast universe of conflicts and miracles to which we are blind. Limiting our imaginations by our perceptions, we would never believe the actual truth.

What if both science and religion were right? If theology was mathematical perfection and science was the perfect religion? What if battles between good and evil were real…and so were gods and devils? And what if magic wasn’t an invention of fantasy, but a word used to describe principles not yet understood by the average mind?

What if I told you we were unknowing benefactors of sacrifices made by valiant men, women and children who defied the gaping jaws of Hell—while the blood of friends, neighbors and family stained the ground at their feet.

This story begins with a stranger. A self-proclaimed coward. A mere boy from a different world—who united the hearts of nations by accident.


Some will say this is nothing but a tale of fiction. Let them think as they will.

After all…I can’t fix stupid. 

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