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Chapter 8

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Chapter VIII

Osmund's Threat.


A week had passed since Dmitri had brought Patrick back to the manor and no-one had been able to get a word out of him, with only Dmitri seemingly offering a solution to the problem, but as far as Alan was concerned, they were not going to torture the man, he just hoped that Charlie and the Bots could stop Dmitri giving into his desires whilst he was away.

As the weekly review of his company goes on, Alan sits in his chair bored out of his mind as Harper rambles on about all the things wrong with his company whilst Vernon stands by his side checking his pocket watch, a sign that the butler too, was bored half to death. Both agreed that they had to be here, but they also agreed that it was a complete waste of time, the old bat wasn’t just going to tell them a job well done and leave, she was there for the long haul and both Alan and Vernon knew it.

“So, as you see Mr Wolfrick your company still has a lot to do until I leave.” Harper finishes, checking her clipboard. Seemingly undeterred that she was about as welcome here as an auger at a party. ‘It was almost to be commended, if she wasn’t making all of their lives a living hell.’ Alan thought to himself.

“Of course, it does.” Alan said in an undertone. However, the old bat had apparently heard him as she turned to face the head of the table.

“What was that Mr Wolfrick?” Harper said, her airy tone really starting to get on Alan’s nerve, and judging by the looks of the others in the room, theirs’ as well. Alan took a deep breath as if he was really having to control himself.

“Nothing, please continue.” Alan said, putting on an unconvincing smile. As Harper clears her throat before continuing.

“As I was saying I will unfortunately be here just a little bit longer.” Harper said, looking around and putting on an equally unconvincing grin.

“Very well. But I will be taking this up with the Mayor. Your presence here is a constant disruption and is not good for my company.” Alan said, at this harper actually did smile, although it did nothing to improve her looks.

“You are more than welcome to do that Mr Wolfrick. But I'm afraid you may not like the answer.” Harper said and then gives a curt nod and exits through the door’s clipboard still in her hand. Once he was sure that she was out of earshot Alan continued.

“I'll show her. You mark my words. She'll be out of this building by this evening.” Alan said, more to himself, but the others around the table nodded their agreement. Alan smiles at this before getting up and walking out of the same doors which close automatically behind him. However, what came next was soon to break his high spirits.


Inside the mayor’s office, Osmund with Eugene standing a few paces behind in the shadow, sits on a chair directly opposite to Alan.

“Why is the woman still at my company?” Alan said curtly, he wasn’t about to start off with pleasantries, he just wanted to get straight to the point so that he could leave the humid building.

“Well because of what happened last year. Selling weapons to the enemy will get you unwanted attention.” The Mayor said, with an obvious grin on his face. ‘This bastard was enjoying this.’ Alan thought but decided to go a more tactful way instead.

“We found and removed the traitors inside my company. So, there is no need for this woman to remain.” Alan said.

“I see it differently I'm afraid, Mr Wolfrick. The presence of Ms Godfrey is the lesser of two evils I'm afraid.” The Mayor said which took Alan by surprise and put him on the back foot.

“What do you mean?” Alan said. in response The Mayor simply brought his glass up took a sip and put it back down again before answering.

“Well. The only other alternative is to declare you and your family traitors and undesirables under the law, for the sale of these weapons. You understand.” The Mayor said before turning around. “Mr Fitzfurgel. The paper.” The Mayor said and Eugene comes into the light and hands what looks like an order ready to be signed if this meeting didn’t go well.

“What is that?” Alan said.

“A list of all those who will be declared undesirables should you refuse to cooperative with Ms Godfrey's investigation.” The Mayor said and looks down at the order and begins to read off the list of names. “Alan Wolfrick, Your Butler, Mr Vernon Turnip. Your sons; Jack Wolfrick, David Wolfrick, Nicholas Wolfrick and Martin Wolfrick. Along with Ms Charlie Sparrow and Mr Dmitri Jones.” The Mayor looks up from his paper looking almost gleeful at the look of horror on Alan’s face, and so he continues the attack. “You can ask Mr Jones what happens when we catch undesirables and question them. It's not pretty. Your two eldest are almost old enough to be questioned as adults, and they will be. Now shall I get onto the list I've got on your company who will be also made undesirables. Or do you consent to Ms Godfrey's investigation?” The Mayor finishes. Alan looks at The Mayor who now has a smirk on his face. Before realising that the game was effectively up, he wanted that woman gone, but he wasn’t prepared to risk the lives of everyone he knew to get it. He sighs before admitting defeat.

“Get on with your investigation then.” Alan said as he gets up out of his chair and walks out of the room leaving The Mayor sitting alone as he calls out after Alan.

“This is all for the best Mr Wolfrick. We must all do our part for the good of the city.” The Mayor said as Alan slammed the door behind him.


Out on the steps to the city hall, Vernon stands waiting for him.

“I take it sir, that it did not go according to plan.” Vernon said. He had guested as much would happen, though after Alan explained what had been said in the office. Vernon looked fit to burst. “They would put four innocent children on the undesirables list, are they mad.” Vernon exclaimed. He didn’t even comment on the threat to his own life that The Mayor had made.

“It seems so.” Alan said. “So, we’re going to make that woman’s life a living hell, whilst giving technically complying with The Mayor’s demands.” He finished; Vernon still looked shocked.

“That’s a dangerous move Alan, it may give Osmund all the excuse he needs to carry out the order.” Vernon said.

“We would be acting with his wishes though.” Alan said, looking at Vernon.

“Sir, that may be the case when you are dealing with a sane man, but Osmund is far from sanity at this point, you have already threatened him once and won, he will be determined to come out on top this time. You mark my words.” Vernon said as Alan got into the back of the car.

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