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Chapter 13

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Chapter XIII

The Prisoner


On the charted boat to Greymount, Alan looked out at the island fortress, he had hoped to never see this place in his lifetime, let alone go inside. Even from out here the prison had an almost creepy feel to it. It’s black stone walls and roof set against the far distant mountains didn’t help the aesthetic of the place. Once the place where the most hardened criminals ended up at, Greymount was still that publicly, but most knew that it was no more than a penal colony for anyone The Mayor didn’t want in the city.

“Well, we’re a mile away.” Vernon said from behind him, Alan turned to see the old butler also looking at the prison, with a look of pure dread in his eyes, and he couldn’t blame him as the old butler had spent almost seven months inside the prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

“You don’t have to be here Vernon.” Alan said.

“Nonsense sir, we all have our demons to face today, I can face mine.” Vernon said briskly, although he didn’t look as confident as the tone of voice he had put on. He felt troubled, not only about the prison, which still haunted him to this day, but about the man they were going to visit. If what Dmitri said about Geoffrey being involved in this organisation, then he would be the first person in almost twenty years to deserve this place. Despite him not wanting to wish Greymount on his worst enemy.


The boat docked at the small port on the island that was reserved for visitors, it was clear by the state of it that this section of the harbour was very rarely, if at all used, unlike the main prisoner dock, this place looked like something out of a disaster movie. As Alan and Vernon approached the visitor gate, they found it completely abandoned apart from the fattest guard either of them had ever seen.

“What are you here for?” The guard said, Alan was extremely temped to be sarcastic her. ‘why did he think we were here.’ He thought but just decided to play along with the guard, he might be military trained, but he didn’t fancy going toe to toe with this man in a fist fight.

“We’re here for to visit Mr Geoffrey Randell, we called ahead.” Alan said, trying to put on his best voice. The guard looked through a selection of sheets that he had next to him with no real interest, he looked up and nodded before clicking a button to open the gates.

“First door on the right.” The guard said sticking his thumb through the gates. “You have an hour.” He finished before returning to his seat. Alan nodded and him and Vernon through the gates and up the long dirt path, both hearing the gates close behind them.


Alan sat down on a chair in front of glass partition, Vernon stood right behind him, looking around nervously. As the door opened and Geoffrey stepped through, it was fair to say that prison life was not doing him any favours, the once muscular man was a shadow of his former self, he looked thin and stretched, there were deep shadows under his eyes and his nose appeared to be broken in several places. Geoffrey sat down behind the glass and raised a telephone to his ear and Alan did the same.

“So, it looks like the boy has come to visit me in prison.” Geoffrey said, although he looked different, he had lost none of his personality. “What do you want boy, as you can clearly see I’m very busy.” He finished in a sarcastic tone.

“I’ll make this quick, as I don’t want to be here. We know you were part of a secret organisation.” Alan said.

“Yes, but you knew that before you had me unjustly thrown in this place. So, what do you want?” Geoffrey said.

“We discovered one of your locations. Where your name was mentioned along with another, did you have any contact with a person called Griefful?” Alan asked, resting his fist on the table.

“I don’t know this Griefful. But I can give you the location of The Answer’s main base.” Geoffrey said.

“Why?” Alan asked.

“Why am I betraying a group that will most likely kill me if I spill their secrets. Because the organisation didn’t lift a finger to keep me out of this hellhole.” Geoffrey replied. He managed to regain control of his temper before continuing on. “It’s a location on the snow mountains, I’ve only been once, but I will give you the coordinates.” He finished smiling through the glass at his two visitors.

“What’s the catch?” Alan said.

“They are non, other than to tell them that I exposed them, teach them for not helping me.” Geoffrey said, and then proceeded to give up the exact location of the headquarters.


Back in the cave, they uploaded the coordinates into the computer, and it did indeed come up with snow mountains, but apart from that, there was nothing even resembling a structure of any kind on the map.

“Did he give us false information.” Alan said looking at Vernon, behind him also stood Dmitri and Charlie along with the one remaining Bot. Dmitri was building more but as of yet none were fully operational.

“No sir.” Vernon said and took hold of the controls and began zooming in on the exact location, where after a long time of zooming in, centred on a small metal circle on the snowy mountain ridge. “A secret organisation isn’t going to have massive doors sir.” He finished pointing at the metal hatch. “That is your way in.” he finished.

“Good thing winter is over otherwise there would be no chance of getting in.” Dmitri said, he wanted to go but needed more time to get more of his Bot’s ready.

“How long until you can be ready.” Alan asked, as if he could read Dmitri’s mind.

“Should be ready within the month.” Dmitri said, that should be enough time to get at least ten of the Bot’s ready for a mission.

“Okay.” Alan said, he had hoped for him to be ready sooner, but he realised that the previous mission that the ex-soldier had gone on had cost them all but one of The Bots, the one that was standing right behind them now.

“Can we get a drone up there?” Charlie asked, she was cautious, they had had knowledge of the previous base and had almost been slaughtered, this place was completely unknown to them.

“We’ll have one up within the hour.” Vernon said, he would ring up the company and request one, claim it to be for some geological surveillance or something along those lines.

“We’re going to need more men.” Charlie said, as Dmitri turns to her as she continues to voice her doubts. “I mean we had good intel on the last location, but we lost almost everyone, we need help.” Charlie said.

“She’s right.” Dmitri said.

“What about Codsworth, surely he could spare the men.” Vernon said.

“Codsworth’s too busy fighting in the south, he won’t spare the men even if he had any to spare.” Alan replied.

“Not Codsworth.” Charlie said. she agreed that the commander wouldn’t be able to spare anyone. “But I think I know someone who will help.” She finished.


A week later Charlie found herself along with Alan waiting by her old apartment. It was as far as she knew the safety place to meet as her contact didn’t want to meet at Wolfrick Co like Alan had suggested.

“I don’t like this.” Alan said, he looked up at the buildings and saw numerous spots that were perfect for setting an ambush. As he spoke a tall figure approached them. Sergeant Jamerson, the second in command during the fateful mission to the east. He was the third person they had approached about the mission, the previous two had agreed no questions asked, this would be the most difficult, however.

“I hear you have a proposal for me.” Jamerson said walking up to them in full camo, he had changed since the failed mission, he looked like he had resorted to drink after being blamed for the failure of the mission, he was puffy under the eyes and his skin was very pale. “Trying to get me back in the world. Is that it.” He stumbled forward but was able to steady himself.

“That’s right.” Charlie said.

“Well?” Jamerson asked.

“We need your help on a raid we’re planning, along with anyone else you can muster.” Alan said in an unnaturally business tone of voice.

“Now that is interesting. The last time I went on one of your missions I ended up losing my job, my life, everything.” Jamerson responded. This Alan had no response to, this man’s life had been effectively destroyed by that mission.

“I can’t give you your old life back Jamerson. But I can give you a job, which is what I am doing.” Alan said. he had almost for a moment called him sergeant but had decided against it fearing it might send him into a rage if he reminded him of what he had had.

“Fuck it, what have I got to lose.” Jamerson said, whilst he looked drunk, with speech wasn’t slurred at all, but that made it even more tragic that he had effectively given up on life and was simply looking for a way to die.

“How many troops can you get?” Charlie said, at this Jamerson laughed

“What to go on this suicide mission. I dunno, I guess I could gather a couple dozen.” Jamerson said.

“Good, gather these people and meet us outside the grounds of my house in a fortnight.” Alan said. Jamerson only nodded before walking away ad once Alan was sure he was out of earshot he turned to Charlie. “Do you think he’ll come?” He asked.

“Like he said, he’s got nothing else to live for.” Charlie responded, she felt bad for the man, she had got to know him on the mission out east and to see the way his life had fallen apart was difficult to watch. “Jamerson’s good, he’ll the job.” She finished.

“You realise we’re sending him and whatever poor sods that he is able to drag up on a suicide mission, do you think he knows it?” Alan asked.

“He’s smart, he’ll know what this mission means.” Charlie replied, as the two return to the manor to see how Dmitri was getting along with the mark ten’s of his new Bot’s.


“The mark ten.” Dmitri said as he fired a gun into the Bot.

“I don’t see any difference.” Charlie said looking at the new Bot, the design was the same and it looked to have the same weaponry on it.

“Only one difference.” Dmitri said as he fired another shot into the body. “Much stronger armour, the others were to focused on attacking. So much so that they couldn’t take enough of a punch.” Dmitri said. “But with a mixture of mark ten’s and nine’s. then we should be pretty unstoppable.” He finished looking at Charlie and Alan who had also been observing the testing.

These newer bots seemed to be able to take the beating, Alan thought at least against a small calibre weapon. But if what both Dmitri and Charlie had told him about the turrets inside the previous base. Then he didn’t know how these knew variants would hold up against those, but he chose to keep his thoughts to himself on that one.

“They do seem impressive.” Alan said.

“How was your search for reinforcements.” Dmitri asked, reloading the gun and putting it down on the table.

“We got a few.” Alan said.

“Poor sods. You explained that this is most likely a one-way trip.” Dmitri said, sitting down on a chair and leaning dangerously back on it.

“They know.” Alan said, he hadn’t explicitly told them, but he was pretty sure that they had gotten that message at least, well Jamerson had at least.

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