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Chapter 28

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Chapter XXVIII

Osmund Concede's


Unaware of Dmitri’s discovery at the encampment. Alan and Codsworth sat in The Mayor’s office, they had been waiting for close to an hour now. Any longer and Alan was considering going out there and demanding that Osmund come out of wherever he was hiding and answer his questions. At that moment however, Osmund entered the room, he walked round to the other side of the desk and sat down. Beside him stood Eugene.

“Sorry to keep you gentlemen waiting but important matters needed sorting out. As I’m sure you’re aware.” The Mayor said.

“I’ll get right to the point Osmund.” Alan said sitting up in his chair. “What are you going to do about the blatant attack on my home.” He said putting his hands together.

“You are absolutely right.” The Mayor said pointing at Alan. “Rest assured. The people of Bartazer will pay for that attack and the mutilation of son. Mark my words on that.” The Mayor continued with a mock tone of sadness and condolence that did not get anywhere close to his beady eyes. However, it was Osmund’s answer that intrigued and horrified Alan more than his tone.

“What?” Alan asked slightly dumbfounded, he must had misheard The Mayor as he was certain that the fat old fool had said the attach had come from Bartazar.

“Why the attack on your home. It was obviously performed by the savages in the west.” The Mayor replied. Standing up and walking towards the window before looking back at Alan and Codsworth, both looking equally horrified.

“The attackers came from Lord Boris’ fortress though.” Codsworth said, he wasn’t entirely sure if he was in a nightmare world or not.

“Nonsense commander. If that were true, then our southern armies would have stopped them.” The Mayor said shaking his. “No. No, the attackers could not have done this.” He finished sitting back down at the desk. “The people can’t be allowed to think that our army is that lack that they would allow an armed raiding force this close to the city.”

Alan hadn’t been expecting this, he had expected him to deny the raid coming from Boris for the reasons that The Mayor had just given. But he hadn’t expected him to use the attack on his home as an excuse to re-open hostilities with their western neighbours.

“Osmund. This is wrong.” Codsworth said. even he who was no stranger to bending the truth for strategic aims could see that fact. “It was Boris who attacked.”

“It was Bartazer. And don’t tell me otherwise commander.” The Mayor said getting angry. Before regaining his temper and then smiling as he continued. “So, gentlemen. What do you say? Shall I tell the truth and declare Bartazer responsible for the raid. Or shall we continue in your fantasy world that Lord Boris attacked your home.” The Mayor finished, looking at the two men in front of him.

“You can go ahead with this charade Osmund.” Alan said emphasising The Mayor’s name rather than his title. “But I will not be part of it.” He finished as The Mayor’s face was going red.

“If you don’t, the threat still stands.” The Mayor finished. Smirking as if he thought he had just won some great victory.

Alan turned around at this. ‘So, we’re playing that game are we.’ Alan thought to himself as he looked at The Mayor with the utmost contempt. “If you declare my family undesirables. Then I will reveal the fact that you and your government are nothing but thieves.” Alan said as he reached the doors. “If you want me to go to war with you Osmund. Then keep going down this path you have chosen. You know where I live, but I will make your life bloody hell, to further that to a point that your brain can understand. If I fall, then you will break my fall.” Alan finished and walked out of the room slamming the door behind him. After a few moments Eugene followed him out, looking concerned.


As Alan was halfway down the corridor walking with purpose towards the door, he could hear Eugene shouting for him.

“Mr Wolfrick if you have a moment!” Eugene said. And despite his better judgement Alan stopped and walked back towards The Mayor’s office.

“What is it?” Alan asked wanting to get back to his home, if The Mayor wanted a war, then he was sure to give him one. He was done with that man, he could take a lot of shit, but he would not be a monkey boy for the man’s desire to go back to war with their western neighbours.

“I simply wanted to tell you how truly sorry we are about what happened to your son. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and you. Of course.” Eugene smiled, although as with everyone in this city, none of the smile reached his eyes, which remained as cold and unforgiving as ever.

“Thoughts and prayers aren’t going to give my son back his eye.” Alan replied curtly. He didn’t believe for a single moment that Eugene gave a damn about what had happened during the attack and was not interested in anything these politicians had to say on the matter.

“Of course. But neither will your quest for revenge against Lord Boris.” Eugene said. “Think on this then Mr Wolfrick. Bartazer may not have performed the raid but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t capable of doing it.” Eugene continued but at this comment Alan interrupted him.

“You want me to lie. To protect the man who attacked my home, who slaughtered my men and crippled my son!” Alan said getting angrier by the second, he had no love for the western people, but that didn’t mean he was going to go along with this plot to reinstate a war that he even had doubts on them winning, what with the current situation in the south.

“I want you to serve your city. This attack has struck fear into the people’s hearts, they want to believe that a known enemy attacked rather than an unknown one.” Eugene replied, getting angry for the first time in the conversation, the mask of civility gone for an instance. It was such a turn around, that it took Alan slightly off guard for a moment as Eugene continued his previous warm persona back. “Tell the people that Bartazer attacked your home and it will give them hope. We have defeated before after all and we can do it again. The same cannot be said about this… This Lord Boris.” Eugene concluded, and flashed his warmest smile. Alan sighed; he could understand what the man was saying from a purely political point of view. But this wasn’t political for him. This was now personal.

“When your home is attacked Mr Fitzfurgel. Then I will be your media monkey, until then I will not be used to advocate for an unjust war.” Alan finished and before Eugene could call him back, he turned on his heal and left the town hall.


Back inside The Mayor’s office Osmund was still enraged my what Alan had said to him, if truth were being told Codsworth agreed with every word his friend had spoken, but this wasn’t the time for that. There was a time for harsh words, but now was not it.

“Codsworth. I want you to go and command the armies of the west to mobilise.” The Mayor said.

“So, you intent to go through with this foolish notion?” Codsworth asked. Still after all of their warning this man was so stubbornly stuck in his beliefs that he refused to listen to reason.

“Yes. And you will do to remember yourself commander.” The Mayor said, looking at Codsworth with interest, as if he was trying to mentally gage whose side he was on.

“I’ll lead this fool’s errand of a war for you Osmund. On one condition.” Codsworth said standing up to a position of strength.

“What?” The Mayor asked also getting up. Although this was a far less powerful statement as the man was barely any taller standing than he was sitting.

“I want complete control. I will be subject to nobody. Even to you.” Codsworth said as Eugene returned to the office having failed to convince Alan of The Mayor’s plan.

“Agreed.” The Mayor said sitting back down again and shaking Codsworth hand, solidifying the agreement that had just been made. “Ah Mr Fitzfurgel. I have just declared Ervin here the commander of our invasion of the west. Do you concur.” Osmund finished looking at Eugene with interest.

“I couldn’t think of a better candidate.” Eugene said as he took his seat at the right hand of The Mayor. Codsworth then nods and exited the room, in greater control of his emotions compared to Alan.


Walking through the streets of the Imperial capital, Alan mulled over what had been said back at the town hall, and whether he had been right to openly rebuke The Mayor despite his threat. But this was not the time to show weakness, like Codsworth. He thought to himself. No this was a time for strength, and if that glutenous old fool wanted a war, then he would give him one. He looked around at the city, and it occurred to him how terrible it was, he had heard tales from both his grandfather and from Vernon of how the city had been, the greatest and largest city that used to span over a hundred miles across. Reduced to about a tenth of that size, whilst also losing all its grandeur. Its old magnificent buildings ploughed over for the slums that The Mayor had introduced. Only a few of those building remained now, and they would surely soon be destroyed for what Osmund called progress. 

He looked around at the people, who carried on with their lives, not knowing the hell that their Mayor was about to plunge them into once again, for the sake of a few miles of disputed border lands. He sighed and continued to walk until he reached the marble steps of his company, one of the last places free of The Mayor’s influence, not that he knew it. Osmund was still under the illusion that Harper was sending accurate reports back to him, but this wasn’t the case, after being discovered attempting to rob them, the old bat had agreed to continue her job, only feeding The Mayor false information. Not that she had a choice in the matter. If she broke their agreement, they would inform the press of her crimes and she would most likely be sent to Greymount. He walked through the double doors into the crowed reception area, not stopping as people hailed him left and right, he just kept his head down and walked straight up the flight of steps towards his private office and more importantly some quiet, so that he could plan his next moves, however when he arrived to see Vernon standing there looking thoroughly disgruntled at being left back at the town hall, he realised that his planning would have to come later.

“How did you beat me here Vernon?” Alan asked.

“You’ll find sir, that driving is much faster than walking.” Vernon said. He had seen Alan walk past him, back at the town hall. But decided to leave him alone with his thoughts. “I’ve received word from the manor sir, both Charlie and Dmitri require you back there. They say they’ve found something.” The old butler finished.

“Found what?” Alan said making for his desk.

“Something that will shine a light on who really attacked your home sir.” Vernon said gesturing towards the door. And Alan begrudgingly followed him out of the room.

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