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Chapter 12

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Chapter XII

The Survivor


“Dmitri you better get over here!” Charlie shouted, she continued to stare at the brush as Dmitri came walking over, his shoulder hunched over in defeat, but his hand ready on his weapon just in case, not sure whether or not he had managed to kill all the targets out here before entering the warehouse.

“What is it?” Dmitri said, in response Charlie only pointed at the bushes. At which, he takes his hand off his weapon, theorising that this was not a potential enemy, and quickly kneels down to get a closer look before holding out his hand. “It’s alright, you’re safe now. You can come out.” He said and from behind the bushes steps a girl.

“What’s your name?” Charlie asked, absolutely amazed that they had potentially managed to get at least one survivor out of that terrible place. the girl didn’t immediately respond, instead looking between the trio and trying to work out if they were a threat.

“Mia.” She replied stepping into the light, she certainly looked like she had been held at this place, she was short and skinny to point of starvation with black hair and amber eyes and was covered head to foot in dirt, at least Dmitri hoped it was dirt, as given the conditions that he had found down there it could be something much worse, although it didn’t smell which was a start.

“Right, we’re going to have to ask you to come with us Mia.” Dmitri said, but after he spoke Mia took a few paces back. ‘She certainly looks and acts like she’s been abused.’ He thought to himself before continuing. “It’s fine Mia, you’ll be safe with us.”

“That’s what the man said before he took me and my brother.” Mia said looking petrified at the three people and robot in front of her.

“Where is your brother?” Charlie asked hoping that this would help, but immediately regretted saying this as Mia pointed towards the graveyard. Dmitri looked at Charlie before kneeling down in front of the girl.

“Can I see your wrist Mia.” Dmitri said, taking both Charlie and Jack aback at the strange question, although Mia seemed to understand and after a few moments, eventually the girl showed them her wrist. Tattooed onto it was a black hand. Jack stared at the ink for a moment as Dmitri removed the gauntlet from his right hand and produced the same tattoo, slightly faded, but still recognisable. “See, I’m like you, you can trust me.” Dmitri said, hoping that the girl would not say that her kidnapper’s also had the strange object inked into their skin. But fortunately, this apparently was enough to do the trick as Mia took a few paces forward.

Dmitri stood up and put the gauntlet back on and the four humans and the robot walked back towards the chopper that Charlie and Jack had arrived in four hours earlier.


“So, what you’re saying then is, that we are back to square one?” Alan asked, it was close to morning now, however neither he, nor Charlie or Dmitri had gotten any sleep. It had been almost three o’clock in the morning when the five had landed in the front garden, it had taken Alan by surprise as he had expected them to land in the cave as usual. But not as surprised as he had been to see his eldest also exiting the vehicle, but he hadn’t said anything about, well not yet at any rate.  Since then, they had debriefed him on the mission, first Dmitri with Charlie joining in after about an hour, having been in the medical lab examining Mia, which is when the topic had turned to the new girl. “Who is this girl then, this Mia?” Alan asked leaning back on his chair, as as well as his son, he had also been shocked to see a complete stranger entering his home as well.

“From what we’ve managed to get out of her, she was kidnapped along with her brother about two weeks ago, although the time frame could be off, all she knew was that it was still winter when it happened.” Charlie said, that much they had managed to get out of the terrified girl. What had happened during her time at the warehouse was still a mystery though, as Mia had only shaken her head when questioned about it.

“Right.” Alan said. Which checked out at least, winter had only just passed, and the last snows were only now starting to melt.

“She managed to escape through the ventilation shaft’s that ran through the warehouse, hours before whoever was is charge ordered the others inside to be killed, including her brother. She witnessed Dmitri’s attack and then mine and Jack’s rescue mission.” Charlie finished.

“Alright.” Alan said, making a mental note to have words with his eldest about the dangers of going along on missions at his age, without first checking with either himself or Vernon. Needless to say it had been almost as shocking to find Jack disembarking from the gunship along with Dmitri and Charlie, as it had been to see Mia. “Question is now what are we going to do with her?” Alan said tipping the chair forward as he lent forward himself. “She can’t go back to the city; the police will be on her before she knows it. And who knows how much they are in on all of this.” Alan said, more to himself than either Dmitri or Charlie.

“She could remain here.” Dmitri said, that would be the most logical solution and more importantly the best one. As it would give the girl a stable environment for the time being until they could sort something out for her.

“Aye she will, there can be no question of that. At least until we can get a suitable cover story for her.” Alan said, he would put out some feelers, see if there was anyone who could be bribed to say that this girl was their’s and thus making her reappearance in society a lot less unusual.

“You’ve got to give her the choice though, otherwise we’ll just be switching one prison for another.” Charlie said and Alan nodded at this, although if he was honest with himself, he had absolutely no idea what to do next, whilst not entirely back to square one, they nevertheless had been set back by a considerable margin. He paused for a moment, before remembering another part of the retelling, desperate to find some success in this whole endeavour.

“You mentioned a voice Dmitri.” Alan said, returning to the strangest part of the tale that he had been told, as despite everything that had transpired, this seemed out of character for the organisation, as if they were going out of their way to taunt Dmitri, even if it meant getting a stage closer to unmasking them.

“Yeah. They identified themselves as Lord Griefful.” Dmitri said before scratching his head. “I swear that I have heard the voice before, but I can’t place it for the life of me.” Dmitri finished.

“Was it someone from when you were a kid?” Charlie asked, that would be the logical thing, as it seemed unlikely that these people offered a retirement plan for former members, and thus the leader then, was more than likely to be the leader now.

“Yeah, but I swear I’ve heard it more recently as well.” Dmitri said, continuing to scratch at his head trying to remember, but gave up after a few moments. “I dunno know.” He finished, before getting up looking more exhausted than either of the others.


As Dave made his way past the medical bay, on his way outside to continue his exploration. He paused for a moment as he thought he had seen a stranger in there, he was about to forget when the stranger coughed. So perhaps against his better judgement he went into the medical lab.

As he stepped in, he saw a Mia sitting up on one of the beds, her feet dangling off one of the sides as she ate a piece of chocolate. She looked up at the sound of his footsteps to see Dave staring at her.

“Is there something interesting about me rich boy?” Mia said in between mouthfuls of chocolate. She stared back at Dave who opened and closed his mouth quickly like a fish before answering.

“Who are you?” Dave asked, before realising that wasn’t the politest thing way to talk to the newcomer. He kicked himself mentally although it didn’t seem to bother Mia that much as she answered.

“My name is Mia, rich boy.” Mia said continuing to stare at Dave as if she found him as interesting as he found her. “Now what’s your name? I don’t want to keep calling you rich boy.” Mia asked, taking another bite of chocolate in the process.

“David.” He replied, this was as far as he could remember, the longest he had held a conversation with a girl before.

“Well then David. Is there anything to do around here?” Mia asked looking around at the medical bay, however before Dave could answer he was interrupted by Dmitri and Charlie.

“My apologies for interrupting this very important conversation, but I need to ask a few more questions.” Dmitri said, looking at Dave who shrugged and left the room.


As Dave approached his own room, he found Jack leaning up against the wall smirking at him. Never a good sign, as whenever this happened, it usually meant that either jack wanted something from him, or he was about to take the piss out of him.

“Well, what are you doing up at this early hour?” Jack asked, a grin creasing his face and taking a very good guess that it had something to with the newest resident of the manor. 

“Nothing.” Dave responded, he had in truth been out again. But didn’t want anybody to find out about it, let alone his older brother, who would just use it against him later on. “Besides it’s not that early.” Dave finished.

“So, did you talk to her then?” Jack asked. He walked up to his younger brother who had gone red in the face. “Gods how did you manage to keep your little night-time trips a secret for so long little bro.” Jack said looking at his younger brother’s reddening face.

“Piss off.” Dave said and entered his room quickly as his face had gone a darker shade of red to the point that he was now scarlet, before he closed the door behind him. Leaving Jack to walk back down the corridor towards his own room, smiling at his brother’s humiliation. 

Inside the Dave’s room, the boy slumped up against the now locked door, and grinned to himself, the thought of his latest exploration gone completely from his mind.

As Dave continued to lie on his bed, there was a knock on his door. But, assuming it was just Jack trying to continue the bullying he ignored it. But then the knocking sound came again.=, and then again.

“Go away Jack.” Dave said as he continued to stare up at the ceiling. But when the knocking sounded for a fourth time. Dave got up off his bed, properly mad now, and stormed over to the door, ready to give his older brother a piece of his mind.

But as he slammed open his door. He saw to his surprise that it wasn’t Jack outside at all. But Martin, his youngest brother was standing next to Echo, looking wide awake.

“Martin. It’s the middle of the night.” Dave said looking at Martin. Though he couldn’t exactly complain, his baby brother hadn’t woken him up, and he wasn’t the best person to lecture the five-year-old on the right sleeping habits.

“Why are so many people here?” Martin asked looking confusedly up at his older brother, wanting answers.

It took a moment for Dave to understand what Martin was getting on about, his mind was still partially in sleep mode. But eventually he managed to get it working once more.

“You saw the new girl then?” Dave said, hoping that his little brother would not ask too many questions on the matter.

Martin nodded his head at this reply, although it was still unclear to Dave what his youngest brother was feeling about this. Although he took some solace in the fact that nothing was rattling, which could only mean that Martin was at the least content with the new arrival. Even if he didn’t understand why they were here.

“What about bad man?” Martin asked.

It took a moment for Dave to work out what Martin was going on about, before he remembered the other ‘guest’ they were holding here. Patrick was after all, still locked down in the cave’s cell. But that didn’t seem to matter to Martin, who having survived his own kidnapping episode the previous year, was still nervous.

“He’s no longer here Martin.” Dave lied, it wasn’t true, but it was a lot easier than explaining to Martin that they had Patrick locked up downstairs. That would more than likely just cause his little brother to panic and not sleep for about a month.

“What if he comes back?” Martin asked, his watery eyes looking more and more terrified at the prospect. Dave could have kicked himself, he hadn’t thought this far ahead. He had thought that telling Martin that the man was gone would help, but it had only made his little brother begin to theorise what could happen.

“He won’t Martin. We’re more protected now.” Dave said, and he hoped that he was right on that count, for his own sake as much as Martin’s.


Whilst Jack tormented his brother over his interactions with the manor’s newest resident. And Dave did his best to explain to Martin what was happening. Charlie sat in the medical bay questioning Mia on her time at the warehouse.

“Do you know any of the people who working there, or anyone who were higher up?” Dmitri asked, it was a fool’s hope that this girl would remember any of the names of key members of The Answer, if that was, they were stupid enough to mention names whilst on the job. However, to Dmitri’s surprise Mia nodded.

“They kept mentioning a name. Griefful. As well as someone called Randell.” Mia said.

“Was there anyone else?” Charlie asked, putting a hand on the girl’s knee. Mia paused for a moments before shaking her head. “Do you have any family out there?” Charlie asked, trying to determine if there was a simple answer of where to send the girl, but she shook her head.

“Me and my brother were in the orphanage before we were taken.” Mia said.

“Okay.” Dmitri said, this was now becoming a problem. They couldn’t send her back to the city, and there was now nobody else to take her in. “Well get some sleep.” He said before leaving the room followed by Charlie.

Once out in the entrance hall they stopped to continue their discussion.

“What do we do now? We have to keep her here don’t we?” Dmitri said and Charlie only nodded, she didn’t think it would be a problem, Alan had after all let both of them remain in his house and the manor was certainly big enough to house her, the problem was Patrick and what Mia’s reaction would be if she found out that they were holding one of her kidnappers within such a close distance.

“Any more news?” Alan asked as he walked towards the pair. He was eager to find out everything that he could about this organisation.

“Yeah, this man Griefful is apparently the leader, and that scumbag Randell was also a part of the organisation.” Dmitri said, which sent a shiver down Alan’s spine, the thought of a man like Geoffrey Randell inside this group was troubling. Although he was currently incarcerated inside Greymount Prison.

“Well, it looks like I’m going to visit an old friend.” Alan said with a sigh, before calling for Vernon to alert the prison of his upcoming arrival. The old butler nodded, although a bead of sweat came down his greying hair.


As Alan and Vernon drive to the docks that would take them to Greymount Prison, Dave and Mia were walking down the corridor towards the entrance hall and out into the grounds, but when they rounded the corner, both saw his youngest brother along with Echo, coming through the doors breathless. Martin stopped in the doorway wide-eyed at the stranger and although he didn’t move, the doors behind him began to shake very slightly, a usual danger sign. 

However there was a more immediate problem in the form of Echo, who came in for a closer look, seeing this Mia took a few paces back. However, this only encouraged the dog to come in after her, obviously thinking this was a new game. Echo began to bark at her which really made Mia terrified, seeing this Dave turned to Martin who was still stationary in the doorway his little brother’s mouth slightly agape at the newcomer.

“Martin, call Echo off!” Dave shouted, whilst he knew that the dog wouldn’t hurt Mia, and that he was just being playful. To a newcomer the sight and sound of the husky barking would terrify even the most battle hardened. Martin seemed to come to his senses and called out.

“Here Echo. Here now.” Martin said in his squeaky voice, and the husky took one last look at Mia, then barked happily once more and then returned to the five-year-old who hugged him tightly around the neck.

“Are you alright?” Dave asked turning around to Mia who had returned to his side.

“Yeah, it’s just the guards at the warehouse liked to set dogs on us if we did anything to annoy them.” Mia said.

“Don’t worry about him.” Dmitri’s voice said from behind the two. They both turned around shocked to see the ex-soldier walking towards them. “Echo’s just very protective of the people that live here, sooner or later he’ll become equally as protective as you.” Dmitri finished as he walked past them and up to the dog, who bounded up to him and began licking him.

“Is he not that bad?” Mia asked looking at Dave.

“No, like Dmitri said, Echo doesn’t know you yet, but once he realises that you’re staying he’ll protect you.” Dave said. “If you thought the way he reacted to you was bad, you should have seen how he reacted to Dmitri. Almost took his hand off.” Dave finished, whilst also remembering what body part Echo had gone for on Patrick, although he said nothing about this, they had all agreed not to mention the prisoner downstairs in Mia’s hearing range, despite Dave’s misgiving on this decision he had agreed.

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