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What is this book?

Welcome to Týndastr! In this book, you'll find an increasingly-deep dive into the world of Týndastr - a high-fantasy setting devised with Pathfinder Second Edition in mind. You will find descriptions and examples of the fundamental laws of the universe, an overview of the world's focal region with a broad lens, and deeper dives into many of the most notable nations and powers of the region. Sidebars and notes sprinkled among these sections show you specific locations, events, plot hooks, or other miscellany for your amusement and benefit. With this book, you have the tools to run your own adventures in this realm of wonder and mystery. Excelsior!


Throughout this book, you'll see various sidebars. Use these handy icons that appear with the content to get a quick idea of what kind of information that sidebar is providing

[Gears Icon]

Any section in a note with this gears icon relates directly to game mechanics; usually pertaining specifically to Pathfinder Second Edition, but these are still useful considerations if you plan on using Týndastr with a different game system.

[Seed Icon]

Sections with the seed icon are story seeds - notes that provide an in-setting event or idea that could be used to grow a story out of, or could connect to an existing story you're telling to hook players in even further.

[Flower Icon]

Notes with the flower icon are whimsical set-dressing. These are usually small and unique quirks; in-setting jokes, poems, or art; or other similar little details. While whimsical, you can still consider them canon.

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Týndastr at a Glance

Týndastr is a land of myth, where the wills and beliefs of people tangibly affect the world. A universe where trusted or feared leaders hold sway in their demesnes, replacing untouchable deities. Without belief, all things fade; even the world's geography shifts with the days. Explore lands steeped in magic and might, from the jotun Blaur's skylands, through the Mystletainn Cradle's fertile soils and abundant lakes, past the rich Fjallili Mountains towards the Svanrgata lake basin and the dread swamps of Diomhair on the border of the fae folk's forest of Ffynhonnelwig, through Raethersh's beastly domain of Dirithlentir towards the draconic Drekkherran Dominion and onwards to the Northern Fjord's hearty shores; the journey showcases diverse people, landscapes, and stories.

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