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Godsend, Pedra Book 1

Ongoing 3867 0 0 1821

Book 1 of the Godsend Pedra Series.
  Pedra is a world transformed by dark forces. The people of Pedra are protected by their Goddesses the Holy Mother Kyra and her two daughters, Kalipsy and Endido. It is in service to her that young neophytes are trained in the art of magick, and those ungifted are raised as acolytes. No matter the track a ward of the Temple is place on there is no better, or safer, place to be a man to be than in service to the Temple; something that Danate is reminded of often after his best friend convinces him to run away from the Temple and all of its protections. 
  Tia'tiel graduated from being a neophyte years ago, earing her place as a Mage in service of the Holy Mother; she even earned Cleric rank a few years ago. Her life was overall going well until she heard about her mentors murder. The woman who opened her eyes to the world and set her on her path in life was killed and everyone knows that the inquisition never gets real answers. So when the opportunity arises to investigate her friends death Tia decides to give what little security she has to brave the world of Ghosts, the hidden hand of the Holy Mother. 

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