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Chapter Three; The Journey Begins

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Dawn was just breaking when Lashur finally came to a small clearing in the depths of the moaning forests. Lashur had led them onto the forest route the moment they had cleared the city, stating that the main road invited too much risk. They couldn’t take the chance that Heires hadn’t given orders for patrols to be sent out once the city was taken.  The Moaning Forests followed the foothills of the Highmoor Mountains that ran from the Gaemon capital into the Barguil region, which was their destination. They had moved off the main forest path some time back for safety. Although it was not the main road it still had the risk of hostile patrols. This move however had made the progress slow going and was going to add almost a whole day to their journey. 

Upon entering the clearing Lashur had motioned for Mylea to stop for a rest. They had been walking for just over five hours at this point without stopping, going any further would be risking exhaustion. Mylea settled herself in between the protruding roots of an old tree, pulling her knees up to her chest; she hugged them. Arex who had been padding silently along beside her , now curled up next to her, nuzzling his head up under one arm and letting it rest in her lap. Mylea unclamped her knees from her arms to allow him more room and with a single hand absent-mindedly stroked at his head. She was staring at the ground, her head still reeling, she had stopped crying sometime back, leaving her eyes red rimmed, and puffy. Her nose had stopped bleeding also, and didn’t hurt too much so long as she didn’t try and make too many facial expressions. She had ended up pulling her long hair free from its plate, it had almost completely come undone anyway. The ribbon that had held it in place was now wrapped around her hand, and she played with a now fraying end as she lost herself in thought. 

She had cried away much of the initial pain, leaving her slightly numb. She had, what Lashur would have called, the first time soldier walk. It was a walk that Lashur had seen many have after they had walked away from their first battle. It was the numb walk of those who had been forced to face a very harsh reality fast. It was the kind that allowed for nothing but the simple focus of putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward, after the mind cruelly replayed in painstaking detail everything that had led to them being the one still standing while their friends were not so lucky.

Lashur had stayed quiet throughout the walk, allowing her the time she needed to process what she must so that she could find the determination to fight on. He had not tried to offer her hollow words of comfort, had not tried to offer pointless aid, he had simply let her be. The only assistance he had provided was to silently put a guiding hand on her shoulder to help her navigate the forest when tears blinded her, or a steadying hand on her elbow to stop her from tipping over an unsuspecting root when the world had become blurry. Mylea had been most grateful for this, and she wanted to say so but currently could not find the words to express it completely. So she had too remained silent. 

Once Lashur had settled against the tree opposite her, and had gone through the pouches at his belt to see what he had managed to bring with him, he had rushed to her fathers aid and been unable to return for his pack which was still laid on the bed back at the castle, and was happy to find, he did have a few food rations that would at least get them to the Kings camp. It would not fill them up but I would at least stave off the hunger, and to his great relief he still had all this medical supplies. At least that was one thing he could take care of now. 

But before that, he untied a curved wineskin from his belt and pulling the cork from its mouth held it out to her. 

“Here, it will help” 

Mylea who had been watching him, raised an eyebrow in curiosity, she looked down at the skin and after a moment of considering she took it with a mumbled “Thanks” 

She took several deep swigs not realising now thirsty she had actually been. It was a sweet tasting liquid, it reminded her of a dark berry wine, but wasn’t as dry and distinctly lacked the alcohol element. Something about it was familiar but she couldn’t quite place it, it took another few swigs before the memory came floating to the surface. It was a memory of  White marble halls, of golden decoration, of elegant clothes of silk and brightly coloured cotton, of elaborate masks. She looked at Lashur with a mixed expression that was equal parts impressed and surprised. 

“This is Elvish berry if I am not mistaken. It is served at celebrations mostly yes?”

Lashur grinned and nodded, “Spot on, I found myself with a fondness for it after a few missions of business into the elvish region. It tastes better then water and doesn’t dehydrate you like wine does” 

Mylea nodded as she took another mouthful, then poured a little into a cupped hand for Arex who lapped it up, before Mylea handed it back. “I can see why you like it, I could get used to it myself” she said with a weak smile. It was Lashurs turn to be curious. 

“I’m surprised you did not have it at Gaemon, being of elvish blood yourselves” He asked with genuine surprise. Mylea couldn’t help smiling here, understanding the curiosity. 

“That was fathers choice, I think my great, great grandfather did have delicses from the Elvish lands delivered regularly, but father had changed that when he became Denshin. I remember my brother Faelen asking him why once, My father had said, we belonged to a human King, and entertained mostly Human Lords, who had no real taste for our Elvish specialities, and found it wasteful as much of it never got used. Instead he turned to elvish cloth instead, at least that got used to its fullest and it kept relations between us and the Elvish promising” Mylea frowned as the memory coursed her eyes to sting with tears again. Thinking about her father hurt. No matter what the memory. Good, bad, they were now all tinted with a pit of agony, that didn’t seem to be getting any smaller. She supposed it would take time, a lot of time for her to look on the memories with any kind of fondness again. 

As if sensing where her mind was going Lashur quickly moved to something else. 

He cleared his throat. “Well if you liked that you might like one of these” 

He handed her two small squares of what looked like hardened bread. Mylea looked at it with wide eyes of wonder. 

“Is that elder bread?” She took it and turned one piece over, it was indeed elder bread. It was a hunting ration that the Elvish of the forests used, one small square could be used in place of a meal while out on a long hunt. She nibbled at a corner. It tasted of sweet bread and had the texture of a biscuit. She had never tried it before herself but to her, on a stomach filled with nothing but grief and pain, it was perfect and just what she needed. The other piece of course went straight to Arex. 

 Lashur couldn’t help but chuckle at the look of satisfaction on her face -even Arex happily wolfed down his piece- as he bit down into his own piece. The small group sat in an amused silence as they ate. 

Lashur was becoming an increasing curiosity to her. There was so much she didn’t understand about him. His being a Watcher always carried an air of mystery and unknowing, beside that, she had grown curious about his relation to her father. Back at the castle he had called him ‘Old Friend’ had they known each other personally at one point? To add to this curiosity his liking for Elvish tastes, and thus the mystery deepened. Mylea felt a fire light in her chest, she was determined to find answers to all her questions if for no other reason then it gave her something to focus on other then the task at hand or on what had come to pass. 

When Mylea finished her elder bread and was about to find the words to ask him some of the questions most forthright in her mind, he cut into her chain of thought saying,

“I had better get to cleaning that nose of yours. If you’ll let me” 

Mylea was thrown a moment looking at him with surprise and a little confused. Her nose, what was wrong with her nose that it needed cleaning, was the thought that had been forming until her confused expression reminded her exactly what he was talking about, by sending a shooting pain across her face. Ah, that. 

“Oh there is no need to trouble yourself, it has stopped bleeding now, it should be fine” 

Lashur chuckled, “That it has, but I need to check and see if it's been broken and if so do I need to help reline it, I’m pretty sure you don’t want it to heal slightly wonky?” 

Mylea despite herself blushed. He had such a gentleness and fatherly concern to his voice that he put her at ease without much effort. Mylea gave a quick nod. 

“So long as you don’t mind” She said a little sheepishly.  “Not at all” Lashur smiled gently as he got up and moved over to kneel on her otherside. He opened the pouch that contained his medical supplies and explained as he did. 

“This is going to sting, but I’ll try and make it as quick as I can” Mylea simply nodded and tilted her head up slightly so that he could get a better look at it. Lashur gave her a quick ‘thank you’ before getting to work. He pulled out everything he needed and laid it out on a roll to make it easier to get to. Mylea’s eyes followed him interested to see what he did, and to learn anything if she could. All the time keeping her head perfectly still for him. Lashur quietly noted this to himself, he also quietly noted the watchful eye of her wolf strongly aware that one wrong move in treating her and he could possibly lose a hand. He soaked a small linen square in a cleaning salve and started to clear away the crusted blood from the wound and immediate area.

Mylea winced and squeezed her eyes shut against the pain as Arex watched her whimpering lightly. As good as his word Lashur worked as quickly as he could. Once the area was clean he checked her nose wasn’t broken, before soaking a small strip of linen in a healing balm and placed it over the open wound. 

“Hold this here” He ordered her, which she did as he began to secure it in place with a bandage, because she had such a short button nose, he had to anchor the bandage up under her ears to keep it in place with enough tension to ensure the balm could do its job. The end result looked clunky, but it would do. 

“There the bandage is going to be an inconvenience but once we get to the Kings Camp at Barquil, it should have healed enough for you to be able to just remove it. But I would still suggest being safe and getting the healers to check it first okay?”

Lashur said as he started to clean away his medical things. Mylea nodded and said ‘thank you’ as she fought the urge to fidget with the bandage to make it more comfortable. Once cleared away Lashur sat back against the opposite tree again. 

“Normally I would say you were lucky to escape a broken nose, but considering how you got injured, I’m pretty sure lucky isn’t the right word” 

“Fortunate” Mylea offered. “I’m fortunate that on top of everything I don’t have to deal with a broken nose” 

Lashur surveyed her a moment, “That is a very mature way of looking at it, I have to say not many in your position would be able to say the same. I admit I am impressed” 

Mylea shrugged lightly, it was no different than how her mother had taught her to see things. To always be level headed and calm in a situation where everything else is going to Chaos. The only way you survive is by focusing on what the matter at hand is and charging forward towards it. 

“I am only thinking, how my mother taught me,” She said simply and honestly. 

“A very wise thing to do,” Lashur said softly, his own grief showing in his features, making them look more tired and old then they had before. 

“Thank you” Mylea offered. “Thank you for everything. For trying to save my father, I do not think he would have made it as far as he did had you not been there” It was a thought Mylea had been thinking about for some time now. Remembering how injured her father had been at the end, she did not think he would have been able to hold those soldiers off, had Lashur not been there to assist him.  

“There is no need to thank me, I was only doing what was right, I just wish I had realised how bad his injuries were sooner, maybe I could have done something more, been able to get you all out” Lashur sighed sadly, frowning at himself, as his mind wandered off with ‘what ifs’

Nar” Mylea snapped at him. “You can not do that to yourself!” He looked at her surprised, not sure what she meant. 

“Please” She continued a little more softly as emotions began to stir in her chest, snaking up around her heart and squeezing threatening to overwhelm, this was all too close to home, too close to those feelings she was trying to forget. The feeling was powerful, and time had yet to be a friend and healer. 

“Please, do not do that to yourself, If you lose yourself to such thoughts, to the grief, I will stand no chance” Mylea’s throat went dry and tight as emotions threatened to break the calm she had fought so hard to build. 

“And if I am truly honest, I do not think anything you or I could have done differently would have mattered. My father had long made the decision to die defending his home, well before either of us got to him. There is nothing that could have changed what happened. No matter how much we wish it” 

Lashur stared at her, a little open mouthed as he processed her words. This young woman who had just lost everything, was sat here comforting him. His mind raced as he saw so much of her mother and father in her. 

Lashur laughed in spite of himself. “Yes I guess you are right” He looked away from her, tilting his head back to look up through the canopy of leaves above him.  Lost in his thoughts. Mylea watched him some time. For all the things that she found curious about him, was how much he reminded her of her father in the way he acted and responded sometimes. There were moments where it was painful to watch, while there where others were it was a comfort. To know that something of her father still lived on, even with her, was better than all traces of him being gone forever. 

After a few moments Lashur broke from his thoughts and looked at her.
“We had better get some rest before we move on” 

“Is that safe to do? Does one of us not normally stay awake and keep watch while the other sleeps?” Mylea asked, curious. 

“Normally yes, however your wolf, even fast asleep would hear danger coming a mile off, before I’d probably sense it in fact, so in this instance it is safe for both of us to get some much needed sleep. It’s one of the upsides to having a Wolf-dog of war as a companion. Especially if you find yourself alone” 

Arex seemed to appreciate this compliment as he barked happily and wagged his tail. Mylea gave him a proud pat on the head, and let the wolf nuzzle in closer. If Lashur said it would be safe, that was enough for her. She had no reason to doubt what he said. So did not. 

She settled down best she could getting comfortable, and easily slipped off into sleep. Lashur watched her a little while making sure she was well settled before hankering down, and allowing himself to sleep also.

+   +   +   +

Two and a half hours later they were back on their feet, and on their way. Lashur explained that they would arrive around midday in three days, if they continued to walk for as long as they could, stopping for a few hours at Dawn to sleep before moving on again. They would have to eat and drink on the move to save time. Mylea agreed to this course of plan, wanting to be with her brothers sooner than later, and if it was the fastest way to do so then she wasn’t about to complain. Instead she took the time to ask all the questions that she had been building up since leaving Gaemon castle. 

Although he had expected her to have the same vague curiosity that most held for the watchers, but it turned out, not only did she start of  knowing more than most, she actually displayed a deep and keen want to learn and understand them better. Her fascination and enthusiasm shown in the questions she asked, and the depth she went with each subject. Eager for more than a simple passing surface knowledge. They covered topics such as the Watchers founding and history. The Corrupt, and the corruption in turn, its history and the research being done into it, to better understand its workings. The watchers and Corrupts connections and where their histories crossed over and intertwined. The talk soon turned to Lashur himself, when he was recruited and his life as a watcher since then. They talked of what it was to be a watcher, the duties and sacrifices it entailed. 

They had just reached the subject that would interest them both the most. Gaemon, and what had led him there. He explained the mission prior in as much detail as the mission would allow, which Mylea understood could not always be as detailed as she liked. When he finally said. 

“And that brings me up to my mission at Gaemon and your father. I had been given word that there were two candidates close to me and that I should check on them before coming to Kings Camp, and if I could bring them with me as recruits. One of them unfortunately turned out to be unsuitable and was actually far better where he was. The second, while they exceeded what I had expected, but” 

Lashur trailed of frowning, almost as if he felt he might be saying too much, too soon. Mylea eyed him curiously. He had never seemed hesitant before, in fact she wasn’t even sure he was the type to hesitate about anything. 

“There were complications,” He said finally. Mylea raised an eyebrow in curiosity, and interest. 

“Complications?” She asked in a questioning tone. “What kind of complications?” 

Lashur gave her a sideways look as if measuring her up. He seemed to make his mind up however as he continued. 

“Well, their father didn’t agree. He was completely against the idea - and with good reason of course being a Watcher can be dangerous work - but he did say that it would be the candidates decision and he would respect whatever answer they gave and I would have to do the same. Which of course I agreed to” 

“And what did the candidate say? I take it was a no, or you would not have left them behind” Mylea theroized. 

“Actually I didn’t get a chance to ask them. I was planning to in the morning, and then the siege happened and it no longer seemed appropriate” 

“Oh” Mylea said gently, realising his having rescued and agreed to take her to her brothers, had meant he was unable to complete his mission for the Watchers. 

“I am sorry, hopefully they survived so you can try and recruit them still” 

To her surprise and bewilderment Lashur chuckled lightly. 

“Oh she survived all right, I’m talking to her” He said brightly, letting his words sink in. Mylea stopped dead as the words hit her like a slap. She looked up at him in utter shock. Her head was racing and her mind was reeling. Her; she was the candidate, she was being considered for the Watchers. A wave of emotions washed over her, the most powerful of which was excitement, followed by fear and panic, which were quickly overthrown with complete joy at the idea. This was her escape, her freedom, her heart leapt into her throat as she stared up into Lashur’s deep eyes that watched her with amusement and honesty. 

“Me?” She said, to ensure she had heard right and that she wasn’t letting her emotions get the better of her. She even pointed at herself for emphasis to make sure there could be no confusion. “I was the candidate but how? Why?” 

Lashur turned and looked at her with a gentle expression. “Why? Because despite what you show the outside world, you have incredible talents. Both magical and physical, and rather than show them off and bring yourself immeasurable respect by becoming a mage, and gaining a freedom you otherwise lack, you insisted in learning only enough to control your abilities so that they do not get the better of you. You also chose to, rather bring notice with those rogue skills of yours, you use them only to help your brothers improve their skills and in so doing bring honour to your family through their trials and battles, and you, you instead sink into a background role, bringing respect and honour to your family by marrying for their advantage. You do so silently and without complaint. You have never seeked greatness for yourself, you saw your duty and you did it. Of course you where the perfect candidate”  

He smiled gently at her. “I came looking for you” 

Mylea stood stock still considering this. It was true, she had always seen her duty to her family as her first and foremost concern, despite how easy it could have been to completely disregard it and break away, be herself and push her own advantages. But that wasn’t in her. Her family had meant everything to her, even if it meant, denying herself. Even if it meant living the rest of her life screaming on the inside, wishing to be anywhere else, wishing she could be fighting alongside her brothers. But that was not her place, Faelen would one day take the Denshin, Barauil would take his place within the king's army, and she would marry well to continue the families influence and advantage so that her daughter would have more freedom to choose her fate then she had. And yet none of that seemed to matter now. Or maybe it mattered more she couldn’t quite be sure, but here was Lashur offering her a way out, her a chance to be the very thing she had been dreaming to be. The very thing she had told herself she could never be. He was offering her freedom. Then something he had said, made its way to the surface and set doubt in her mind. She looked up at him and straight into his eyes,which were full of understanding, encouragement and faith; her expression set and determined. 

“You said my father did not agree with me becoming a Watcher” 

“He knew the dangers, and with his two eldest away at war already, he was uncomfortable sending yet another child off to an uncertain fate. But he agreed to let me ask you, and he agreed to respect whatever you decided to do. As would I” 

“So it is my choice?” Mylea asked her heart starting to thump in her chest as she turned this over in her mind once more. Lashur nodded. Mylea’s mind began to race again, as she considered all the possibilities this opened up to her. She reasoned out the pro’s and cons in her mind, she considered her duties to her family, and then finally, for the first time in a while she considered the duties she had to herself. Lashur watched her as she thought all this through, the progress of her thoughts played across her face, prompting him to say. 

“You do not have to answer now” Mylea looked at him a little taken-a-back then slightly panicky. 

“But I” She started to stammer, not wanting this chance to slip right past her, but Lashur raised a hand. 

“You don’t have to answer now. We still have a way to go, ask what you need and think on this long and hard, for once you say yes, you will be honour bound to see it through. Once we are at the King’s Camp. Then you can tell me your choice, sound fair?” 

Mylea sagged a little, but could see where his mind had gone. He did not want her jumping at the chance and the illusion of freedom just to be disappointed by finding it was nothing like she had expected, and finding herself worse off then she had once been. 

“Sounds fair” She answered simply. 

Bo minra” Lashur said without thinking. He froze at her shocked expression, and the pain that played in her eyes. 

“I’m sorry” He began to stammer, it was his turn to panic slightly. “I didn’t mean that! That-” 

“I did not know you spoke elvish” Mylea asked simply, her tone and expression softening into one of impressed surprise. Lashur visibly relaxed, as a memory played across his face, and he answered with; 

“yes , your father taught me when I was younger, I must admit I understand it better than I can speak it” 

“My father taught you? You knew him before being a Watcher?” Mylea’s curiosity was now peaked. He had told her how he was recruited but mentioned nothing of his life before then. But this did explain why he had referred to her father as ‘old friend’. Lashur nodded, he motioned for the pair to keep walking. 

“We should keep going and I can tell you more on the way, if you are alright with that?” Mylea nodded and began to walk again as Lashur started to reveal his history with her father. 

“Well I was born and raised in Gaemon’s capital. And my father was a soldier” He began, as he went into detail about his life before being recruited. How he had been friends with her father from a young age. He told her of all the mischief they had got themselves into during their youth, and how eventually duty had divided them. 

Mylea enjoyed listening to the stories of a young Arandris, and laughed along with Lashur, their shared love for the man and their shared grief at his loss, lessening the pain of his memory. Mylea would then start to depart some of her own stories showing that even in his older years some of the mischief had remained, if not greatly tamed, by wisdom and station.

Their travel through the forest continued rather peacefully until the morning of the day before they were due to arrive, they had stopped to take their now usual few hours of rest, this morning had a more biting chill to it so the pair had settled down side by side, to keep off the worst of the chill. Arex had curled up over both of them like an overgrown furry blanket. Mylea was fast asleep when Lashur jerked her awake, as he tried to yank her to her feet. 

“What?!” She called as her body was pulled upwards against her will. Lashur was holding her steady, his face set and determined. “We need to move now!” he barked at her. Behind him Arex stood, his front paws on the chest of a hideous monstrosity of a creature. Its throat had been ripped clean away, and its blood still dripped from Arex’s muzzle. The creature's face was a rioting grey colour and large masses of lesions had deformed its face. Where one eye should have been a mass of tissue had grown and obstructed it. Mylea stared at it, as realisation sunk in. 

“Is that?” She began to ask, but Lashur quickly cut her off. “Yes, now we need to move because if there is one there are others”  

Mylea nodded finally starting to move forward and quickly followed Lashur as Arex stood growling, and refused to leave the fallen creature until Mylea and Lashur had passed him at a run, at which point he quickly turned and followed at their heel, keeping low his ears up and alert. 

Mylea did her best to keep up with Lashur’s pace as they weaved this way and that, through the trees and undergrowth. They did not get far however before they ran into the rest of the Corrupts party. It was a small group of only four, the one in the clearing making five. Arex smelt them, just as Lashur sensed them. Arex skidded to a stop, while Lashur grabbed Mylea’s arm and pulled her behind a tree, hiding them both from view. Arex hid himself a little further back and hankered down, as close to the forest floor as he could. 

That was when the smell hit Mylea and she had to clamp a hand over her mouth to stop herself gagging. The smell of one had been uncomfortable, but bearable. A small group was becoming overpowering. She moved as close as she dared to Lashur to ensure that their shadow from behind the tree would not give their position away. As the creatures drew closer. Lashur, peered out just long enough to get a measure of the creatures. He pulled back and cursed lightly. They had a Mutated with them. These were a special form of corrupted that were far harder to take down. Lashur looked down at Mylea, who looked back, catching his eye, she instantly read his thoughts. They were not getting past without a fight. The corrupted would catch their scent, if they had not already. Mylea could see that Lashur was trying to see some way round this but there wasn’t one. So he whispered. 

“You ready to see what is needed of a Watcher should you be one? 

Mylea nodded ready. This would be it, this would be the moment where she found out if she had what it really took to fulfil the duty of a Watcher. This would decide if she said, yes or no. Lashur stared at her, still seeming to try to find a way around this, until he nodded and carefully and quietly drew his sword. Mylea quietly drew hers. She quickly chanced a look to see where she could best do the most help.

There were the largest of the three, which she felt would be wise to leave to Lashur, then there were the smaller three. These were the ones that Mylea would be best to focus on. She pulled back, and whispered. 

“I can take the two closest on the left Arex can take the one on the right, but you would need to distract the big one first, or he will go straight for Arex before he can do any damage” She said in hushed urgent tones. Lashur raised an eyebrow, he was impressed and it showed on his face. He nodded. 

“Can you communicate that to Arex?” He asked, aware they were running out of time. Mylea nodded and turned slightly crouched and caught Arex’s eye and through a complex set of hand gestures that clearly meant something to the pair, but absolutely nothing to Lashur. Mylea passed on the plan. Arex tilted his head for a moment watching his mistress before, lowering himself into a waiting crouch so that his belly was touching the forest floor. His eyes now on Lashur waiting for him to make his move so he could follow.   

Mylea straightened up and nodded to confirm that Arex knew what to do, and motioned Lashur that way, her that way. They were to circle around the tree at different sides. Mylea slipped into her Rogues Shadow and Lashur allowed her a few seconds before stepping out into the view of the scouting group. He instantly drew their attention. Just what Mylea needed, she was slipping through the trees just to their left. Keeping her eyes on her two targets, they were sizing Lashur up as he ran at them. Just as she wanted the Larger went straight for Lashur, as the others tried to flank him. Arex streaked forward, and drived at the one on the far right knocking him over and making short work of him. The Mutated, roared in fustraction and turned his focus to Arex, but was blocked by Lashur’s blows. Despite their hulking size and sometimes their lumbering movements they seemed very capable with a weapon. While Lashur and Arex had the group focused, Mylea moved up behind the two, working quickly knowing the moment she made her first blow her Rogue shadow would break.

She drove her sword thought the back of one, and as the other turned to find out what had happened, her pommel come up slamming into his face stunning it, swiftly followed by a sweeping strike from her first sword, slicing across the creatures face knocking the creature to the floor where Mylea’s second sword came down punching into the things skull, ceasing the things thrashing about. Once she was sure that her two were down, Mylea turned to Lashur who was locked in combat with the mutated. Arex was trying his best to help, biting and swiping at the creatures legs, which enraged the creature, who would swipe dangerously at Arex who would dodge out the way, as Lashur took the opening to land a blow, before jumping back in as the creature turned back to clash swords with Lashur. Mylea then saw an opening just where the collar of the things armour stopped and where its helm began. It was the thick fleshy apart, right before the base of the skull. 

The only problem was the creature towered over her in height, there was no way she could reach it normally. She quickly looked round needing to think fast. She had enough room, and so long as she timed it right it could work, or at least course it enough injury for Lashur to deliver the final blow. It would have to do. Mylea began to back up, her eyes locked on the spot, she sidestepped slightly lining herself up right and then when she was right up against the nearest tree, she readied herself and then, took it at a run dashing forward, her eyes still locked on that one point as she neared the thing, jumping one foot landing in the small of its back pushing her up as the other landed between its shoulders. Her swords going up over her head and coming down with as much force as she could muster, slicing down into the exposed fleshy spot and right out the other side. She buried the swords as deep as she dared them, with incredible force sliced them sideways, showering Lashur in the creatures blood, as its head detached from its shoulders dropping and rolling away, as body and Mylea tumbled forward, Lashur dodged sideways, as it crashed to his feet, sending Mylea falling forward. However expecting this motion she leaned into the fall curling up and turning into a barrel roll, coming up in a crouched stop. 

She knelt there a moment catching her breath, slightly amazed that that had actually worked. Once the adrenaline calmed down, she carefully sheathed her swords as Lashur helped her to her feet, having already sheathed his own sword, and wiped much of the blood as he could from his face.

“Nicely done” He said to her looking impressed. “That was a nice bit of quick thinking in both the original plan and the mutated take down. I must say you do have the making of a great Watcher should you choose it. But be aware not every fight will be that easy. Sometimes you will be outnumbered facing mutated and then you really need to think on your toes” 

Mylea nodded. “I understand, but if you do not mind, I am just going to be happy we made it through this fight” 

“Not at all, we take our victories where we can, but next time, a little warning before I take a blood shower would be nice” He said teasing her lightly, Mylea blushed. 

“Yes, sorry about that, I will try and remember next time” She smiled sheepishly, as Lashur gave a hearty smile and slapped her on the back for a job well done. 

“Come on, we might as well get back to moving” Mylea nodded as Arex strutted up beside her happily, his tail wagging away now that danger had passed he was happy with  himself, for having done a good job. Mylea reached down and stroked his head and gave him appropriate love and praise for being so good, as they started out once more. 

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