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HD Book 1 - Hidden Secrets

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Calsifer, or Cal Winterborne is the younger half-brother of the late Loke Dracos, the proud genius who brought hope to everyone he meets. Cal focuses mostly on his studies and ignoring his late brother’s best friend, Aiden.
  Aiden Shadowlock gets by on the shadows around him, the mistake of the rebellion. To the school of West Allen High, he’s known as the elite bad boy. But he has secrets of his own. After school, Aiden always disappears down an alleyway and returns the next morning with bruises, burns, and other mysterious injuries.
  Cal has had enough of Aiden and his attitude. Yet, trying to play someone you’re already in love with proves to be difficult, and it doesn’t help that Aiden and Cal have never spoken to each other a day in their lives.
  With Aiden poisoned by his own darkness, Cal sets out to learn Aiden’s secrets—secrets that may get Cal killed. As they both try to come to terms with their feelings, Cal discovers that Aiden is smothered by his darkness. But the biggest darkness of all: Aiden isn’t human.
  And Cal is about to find out.
  So, what will happen when Cal catches a glimpse of the real Aiden and finds himself falling harder than ever for his brother's best friend?

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