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The party awakes.

Caller, Page and Shadow all get up one after another to find Axe and Whistle chat with each other as if they were best friends. The both are oblivious to their party members, being too engaged in talking about the things that transpired just hours ago.

Caller whispers to Page: "Am I seeing things? Can you pinch me? This has to be some kind of dream. I would have never thought that those two could talk without anger, let alone get along nice."

"Only if you pinch me first. Shadow, is this some kind of misty illusion magic thingy of you?"

"No, I don't know what's going on. How can my brother get along with Whistle? I am... at a loss for words."

Caller slowly walks up to the chatty duo and asks: "Uhm, guys? Everything alright?"

Only then does the conversation stop, as both turn towards her and answer simultaniously: "Yeah, everything's fine."

Axe and Whistle agreed to not disclose anything to their friends about Urgee and what happened to them just yet. It would probably only invite further questions and disbelief. Since Abriar was up and speeding through the air, there was really no point in hiding her. As the group prepares to move out through the door, the duo can tell that Caller and the rest find it extremely normal for a chronomatic sprite to be with Whistle now. Everyone already seems aware of the current goal, exiting this temple through the corridor that Urgee pointed out last night. He must have done a great job tampering with the party's memories.

"You two got really close while investigating our way out of here, haven't you? Thanks again for finding this path. Since we already have the ancient scroll and unlocked your Soulsource, we might as well call it here before anyone gets hurt even more.", Caller casually chats. She then turns towards Axe and asks: "Is that alright with you too Axe? You wanted to explore as much as possible to make quick coin."

"Yea yea, it's whatever. We got plenty o' stuff 'ere. 'Bout time to head back to figure out what this thing does", he answers, pointing at the blueprint in Whistle's hand.

Just in time, Page playfully shouts across the room: "Caaaler! Axeee! Whistlee! We're ready! Let's get going!"

The entire party gets together and looks back into the room one last time. Before setting foot out the already opened door, Whistle thinks:

'So much has happened here, from undead monsters, over angels of death, to celestials controlling time and an aspect that now follows me wherever I go?'

He glances down towards his hand, which holds the blueprint gifted to him by Urgee.

'This will become the start of something big, I am certain. With my four friends at my side, we could, no, we will shape this world into something incredible.'

A small puddle forms in his eyes. A puddle of excitement and hope. As this puddle falls towards the ground, he turns around to face his friends who all look at him, waiting on the Que'lim to join them on their way out.

He smiles as he looks at each member of the group. Page is the last one he makes eye contact with. A last tear falls from his face right when he answers her call from earlier:

"Yeah, let's get going."

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