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Author's Note

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Thank you for reading N00bs. I hope you enjoyed yourself? If you've made it this far to this note, I can only assume you did. 

I'm looking at writing a number of sequels to this work and will be exploring online themes, identity, culture and, of course, the ongoing relationship with Ger and Isla. It's a lot of fun writing this material - made that much sweeter by readers like you.

Feel free to post comments, write to me or read some of my other short stories here on WA. I will keep posting and uploading material here.

Best -

Julian Grant

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30 May, 2022 06:22

Hello! I just wanted to throw out a congratulations! Excellent job! I love the originality and perfect blend of wit and humor! You did an excellent job on the overall world building as well! I could genuinely see patterns and layers of your reality. I also enjoyed the process of learning your characters, seeing their interactions with your reality and trying to understand their motivations! I would say there are numerous...... grammatical and a few spelling errors (happens to the best of us :) ) but overall that is the most prominent flaw within your writing and I would say that says a fair amount about your overall story, it' s writing and it's cohesiveness. Again, phenomenal job, I can't wait to see how the story continues. (BTW THANKS FOR THE RAPID UPDATES MY IMPATIENT SELF LOVED THEM) Keep up the incredible work!

  • Thank you, Your Very-Impatient-Friend.
  • Master Jgesq
    Julian Grant
    1 Jun, 2022 10:19

    You are most welcome. I wanted to make sure that I delivered as quickly as possible as I saw you were reading everything as soon as I posted. I shall go back and do a pass on typos and minor spelling concerns. I’m glad you liked the story. Many thanks.