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“So what did you do with the bone dragon?” Cali was on the edge of her seat, literally. The question confounded Professor Smith for a moment, giving Cali a chance to continue.

“You’ve told me the other story before, but you’ve never told me how you saved Jorinn and escaped the dragon. You didn’t use… them did you?” Cali looked around the professor as if she was able to see thru his cloak, her rare cheerful face turning to worry.

“You promised me you wouldn’t use them!” Her scolding failed utterly as her voice quavered. "That you wouldn't leave like everyone else."

Tears began to well up, forming glass drops as they fell to the floor with a clink. The professor sat silently for a moment, hoping Cali would open up and say what was on her mind; wanting nothing more than to comfort his friend. When instead she hid her face, Smith responded honestly.

“Both of us will be around for a long time. We’ll both watch others grow and leave. It is my responsibility to ensure they find their path. You have always cherished stories and I don’t think you’ve forgotten a single word I’ve said. Keep those memories safe. Keep everyone’s memories safe. One day I too will go. Not now, but someday. And when that happens, you can tell my story to others.”

“Cali raised her head, tears gone and the sadness replaced with a wry smile.

“Oh no, that’s not good. What did I say?” Smith knew this look all too well.

“It’s what you haven’t said. I’d like to hear the rest of your story.”

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