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R. R. LoreCastle's WorldEmber 2022
26 of 24 prompts completed

R. R. LoreCastle Progress Report

May your worldbuilding hammer always fall true! Also, check out the world of the Skydwellers for lots of aerial adventures.

Bands of Unity

A treaty that would shape the future of the sky...

1304 words

The Dark Plague

A condition that single-handedly wiped out over half of the sky's population.

854 words

The Coin Vault

A large building that feels very small, very quaint, and very old, and yet is still steeped into the very core of Skydweller history.

830 words

King of the Dragons

The leader of the dragons and, quite possibly, the most powerful being in existence.

959 words

The Snowroost Mountains

A mountain range surrounded by magical life that marks the gateway to the Outer Realm.

1114 words

Intercity Guard

A small unit of highly trained Skydwellers who work together to protect the citizens of the sky from harm.

1281 words

Amthryllison Dust

A powerful and valuable channel of magic.

380 words

Samuel Wintersplit

A.K.A. venerable Grand Charter of the Outer Realm.

1538 words

Luminan Lynx

A mysterious and revered species once thought to possess magical powers of discernment.

1060 words

The Powder Lords

Several ruthless organizations that profited greatly through dealing powder before being shut down.

770 words

A Study of Wyrms

Notes of esteemed Scholar Sora Glowbeam on her questions about the Draconic Invasion.

1469 words

The Swordsmen's League

A small society of people who duel with the metal weapons produced in the Draconic Invasion.

914 words

The Last Battle of the Storm

One of the most significant battles in Skydweller history...

1517 words

The Draconic Invasion

Twenty years from present day, when the wyrms surged from the explosion of a mountain, attacking with vicious brutality...

2789 words


A small but well-known people with profound knowledge, whose descendants are feared and avoided in society today.

879 words

The Bellstaff

A rare and rather confusing instrument that most experts agree takes [i]far[/i] too much physical activity to play.

829 words

The Riders

Mythical (or are they??) beings that embody the sky.

1354 words

The Mother Tree

A simple tale of generosity, whose variants are often told to children as a bedtime story.

859 words

A Guide to the Midwinter Festival

Take a peek inside for all you need to know about the largest celebration in the sky!

995 words

Ashley Lywin

Cynical thief with a unique talent for magic tricks.

1770 words

The Deckmasters

The largest (and only) thieving guild in the sky.

1449 words


393 words


"The storm does as the storm wishes, and the fates that it dishes are a matter of was."

2119 words

Ice Sprites

Mischivous little creatures found in the cold blizzard winds of the Outer Realm.

657 words

Book of Prophecies

Mad scribbles by a lightningstruck, foretelling of the end of the sky...

502 words

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