Grozo's WorldEmber 2022 - 10/ 24 prompts completed | World Anvil

Grozo's WorldEmber 2022
10 of 24 prompts completed

Grozo Progress Report

Nick the Owner/Creator of the The Brain of Brigham


268 words

Copper Ore

57 words


370 words

Astel Empire

147 words


86 words


113 words

Elemental Planes

123 words

Air Plane

50 words

Dwarven Flatbread

171 words

Grozo Progress so far

2088 words 20.88% completed!

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I am a game enthusiast and love to explore the limits of my own creativity. On World Anvil I am looking to create worlds that are living and breathing for my D&D campaigns! Please check out my content and leave comments, suggestions, and questions!   Check out my website/blog dedicated to gaming all the way from tabletop games to yard games: The Brain of Brigham (

Interests & Hobbies

  • Disc Golfing
  • Real Estate
  • Favorite Movies

  • Monty Python & The Holy Grail / Life of Brian
  • Inception
  • The Departed
  • Favorite TV Series

  • Blacksails
  • Game of Thrones
  • The Office
  • Sense 8
  • Favorite Books

  • Harry Potter Series
  • Song of Fire & Ice
  • Favorite Games

  • D&D (most editions but especially love 5e and 3.5 for different reasons)
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Carcassone
  • Risk
  • Latest Loved work

    Summer Camp 2022


    The Meta of Corive

    Gamemaster Workflow Guide

    Aelinor Elk