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JackLeRogue89's WorldEmber 2021
13 of 23 prompts completed

JackLeRogue89 Progress Report

Amara and Mariam

208 words

Bridgefinding Festival

The day after the Bridgeseeking Festival, assuming the Fourth Verse is found. A guard is appointed to them and they are taken from their family.

55 words

Bridgeseeking Festival

On the last day of the year, a celebration is held to honor everybody who was born that year. It is said that the Fourth Verse will reveal themselves on this day, during their first year of life.

81 words

Shorebringing Day

The day where spies, mages undertaking pilgrimages, Gatherfolk, diplomats, and various others operating on behalf of Augurport, return to the city aboard a massive ship called a Manaclipper.

58 words

Union Wharf

Union Wharf. Some look at it and see beauty. After all, it borders the open sea. Others look at it and see isolation. It can be hard to reach, what with the alpine slopes and the hostile swamps.

600 words

Canto Elysium

Canto Elysium Academy was a place for anyone and everyone with an interest in studying arcana, even if they weren’t particularly adept at it themselves. Land of the Aethertear, a concentration of magic.

548 words

Bal Ascetica

402 words

Spell Powder -- Dust

Dust, or Spell Powder, is a valuable concoction that can be used to invisibly coat a weapon or subtly lace a stew. When it enters the blood stream, one of many different effects take hold.

187 words


Augurport is the capital of Bal Ascetica although its culture is no longer representative of the region at large as many settlements had to change their practices after their catastrophe.

1164 words

Astral Belfry

The Astral Belfry is a three-towered cathedral located on a floating mote of earth above the Amber Willow of the Omen Arboretum outside of Augurport.

368 words

Godgavel Arch

Some wedding ceremonies occur at the Godgavel Arch, where couples, before they are wed, hold hands and cross under the stone monument. If there is insincerity in their heart, or an Eidolon disagrees with the union, one person vanishes.

216 words

Scatterscale Steppe

Scatterscale Steppe is the home of two nomadic peoples, previously unified as the Scatterscale People, who have separated due to a cultural rift that is increasingly more difficult to work out with each passing day.

643 words

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