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Rama House

The typical architectural style used in homes in Halivaara.

Morknar counseling

Knowledge on demand by Morknars.


The religion of the Treil-Iwachi's. A combination of their earlier religion and Arkanism.

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Sisterhood of Shards

The rulers and protectors of the Sylvar

Morknar counseling

Knowledge on demand by Morknars.

Wall of Exalted Glories

A record of deeds, carved in stone and set with gemstone and precious metal. A story that trails towards extinction.


The Inhin^kitsezhe are a small, domesticated species of mammal, raised for milk, wool fibers, meat, horn, skins, manure, and other valuable by-products.

Irving Blake

A Celebrity Psychologist, who specialises in treating patients with Homesickness

The Passage of Time

The passage of time on Andrawyn

Ouns' Recipe Scroll

A popular Kyteux recipe book.

by Timepool
in Qet

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A highly durable and highly valued material

Transference Circles

Long distance teleportation magic


A divine Vestige forged by An'hang

Cult of An'hang

A small cult worshiping An'hang- the Lord of Light and Fire

Dryad Villages

Where the Farryn live and how their villages are formed


A multipurpose Even-Toed Ungulate commonly kept as livestock


A small village where the Donesh Dry Forest and the Kogria Mountains meet

Temple at the Heart

The center of Farryn religion and worship for every village

Maya Teti

The Acidic sister to the Maya Hapet Hot Springs of the Gahiji Mountains


An integral fruit to the Nang Kap'ahu and Ajda-Donest regions of Tolara's southern peninsula.

Nang Kap'ahu Delta

The largest wetland region in Tolara- and the most ecologically diverse.


A strange crystal known for its ability to augment Yearn

High Elves

Elves, or Eruvan, are a tall, mysterious race of immortal humanoids who inhabit the Isle of Eruvanir, off the coast of Verrin.


A rare metal used in fine crafts and armor


A porous stone often enchanted to give light


Bipedal, pilot-able war machines from ages past, created by The Old Ones.

Duǎn Sled

Sleds pulled by horrible little monsters, trading peace of mind for a heavier load of cargo.


A strange crystal known for its ability to augment Maijure

The Black Spires

Inverted towers that devastated the world.

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