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Margo Weedlebeam Wizard 3
Margo Wheedlebeam by Tillerz using MidJourney

female gnome (chaotic neutral), 85cm, 22kg, auburn hair, grey eyes, pale skin

Co-owner of Smallbottom & Weedlebeam, member of the Guild of Cartographers, Mapmakers and Scribes. Friends with Gnome Workshop in Bridgeport. Best friend of Margo Weedlebeam.

some skills

some spells

Character Traits:
aroused+4, ambitious+3, mischievous+2, demanding+1

Special Belongings

Vest of Wriggling - It actually belongs to Geertruud, but it is in Margo's possession right now. And she is wearing it all day long, staying in a constant state of arousal.
Printing Press - Bought from Gnome Workshop, located in the basement of the building where "Smallbottom & Weedlebeam" and "Tentacle Press" are located.

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