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Ranger Al-abaht
Character Level
Chaotic Neutral
15 / 35

Action Points

Body Skills

Mind Skills

Charisma Skills

0 + 2
5 + 2
1 + 2
2 + 2


Proficiency Bonus
Tommy Gun
Perception, Wisdom
Reload 8. Attacks deal +2 damage for every 10m between you and the target, up to +6. Attacks have disadvantage in melee range.
Melee + 1m
Agility, Wisdom
Successful attacks forces the target to make an endurance saving throw. If they fail, they are staggered for 1 turn. Critical strikes always apply stagger.


Suit with jacket
Comes in an all-grey coating
Cool hat
It is very cool
Envoy's Visor
Ranged attacks ignore 1 defense.
Al-abaht Mod
Detective's Ear
You have a voice in your ear sharing useful information to you. This can be turned on and off. While active, your investigation is increased by +2.
Al-abaht Mod
Magician's Sleeve
Allows you to store a small item in your palm. You can open and close the compartment at will.


Action Cooldown Cost Description
Weapon Attack 2 AP Attack. You can only use one attack per turn. Attack an enemy with an equipped weapon within your weapon's range. Roll Damage Dice + your weapon's highest damage skill to deal that much damage to the target. If the damage dealt is lower than the target's defense the attack will be a Glancing Blow, reducing damage by 50%.
Attack 2 AP Attack. You can only use one attack per turn. Attack an enemy in melee range or throw an object at an enemy up to 5m away. Roll Damage Dice to deal that much damage to the target. If the damage dealt is lower than the target's defense the attack will be a Glancing Blow, reducing damage by 50%.
Move Move in any direction on the battlemap at the cost of 1 speed per meter travelled. Climbing more than 1m or moving through Difficult Terrain costs 50% more speed.
Jump 1 AP Jump in any direction to avoid stepping on spaces below you, or reach higher up. Your jump height is 1m and your jump distance is 2m.
Dash 1 AP Gain +2 Speed on this turn. This effect stacks.
Push 1 / Turn 2 AP Push a creature or object of your size or smaller in melee range 1m away from you by rolling a strength check with a difficulty class of 6 - 14, depending on the target's size.
Grapple 1 / Turn 2 AP Grapple a creature in melee range by rolling a strength check with a difficulty class of 6 - 14, depending on the target's size. You and the grappled enemy cannot move while grappling. Grappled enemies can roll an endurance save at the cost of 1 AP to free themselves on their turn.
Help 1 AP Assist an ally in melee range, rolling a saving throw on their behalf.
Hide 1 / Turn 1 AP Hide from enemies by rolling a finesse check with a difficulty class of 10. You cannot hide while in a target's line of vision. While hidden, you cannot be targeted and your location will not be revealed, but your speed is reduced by 50%. If you enter an enemy's line of vision, you are immediately spotted.
Swap Equipment 1 / Turn 1-3 AP Swap an equipped item for another. If you are dual wielding, you can swap both weapons at once. Swapping armour costs 3 action points.
Trick 1 AP Speechcraft. Trick an enemy into wasting their time with something unimportant by rolling a Deception check with a difficulty class of 10. If you succeed, the target is staggered on its next turn.
Scare 1 AP Speechcraft. Frighten an enemy to halt their advance by rolling an intimidation check with a difficulty class of 10. If you succeed, the target is slowed on its next turn.
Hoodwink 1 / Turn 2 AP Speechcraft. Trick an enemy into moving up to 5m or to attack an enemy within their attack range. The target must can spend 1 Reaction to roll an insight save with a difficulty class of 10. If they succeed, Hoodwink's effect fails and the difficulty class of the insight save against that target is reduced by -2 for 2 turns. This effect stacks.
The Calling Ink Open your senses to the power of Scripture for one minute, allowing you to sense the presence of nearby sources of Cosmic Ink, including Bescribed creatures. You can detect their presence within 50m, but you cannot pinpoint their exact location.
Penmanship 2 AP Expel ink from your fingers to draw a Glyph on a nearby flat surface. The Glyph persists for 30 minutes and can be activated by touch as a free action, but can only be activated by Bescribed creatures. Consult the Glyph table to see available Glyphs.
Persuade 1/Turn 2 AP Speechcraft. Persuade an enemy to not attack you by rolling a diplomacy check with a difficulty class of 10. If you succeed, the creature's next attack cannot target you for 2 turns and has disadvantage. If you fail, the target still cannot attack you.
Debate Speechcraft. Engage an enemy in a heated debate until either you or the target is defeated, granting you advantage on your Speechcraft actions against that target, and they have disadvantage on insight saving throws. Only one enemy can be engaged in a debate at once. You can use Debate on another target to concede an active debate, but you gain disadvantage on your Speechcraft actions against any target on this and your next turn if you do so.


Reaction Cooldown Cost Description
Dodge 1 / Turn 1 Reaction When attacked, gain +2 defense against that attack to attempt to mitigate damage.
Assist 1 / Turn 1 Reaction When an ally in melee range rolls a saving throw, give them advantage on that saving throw.
Taunt 1 / Turn 1 Reaction Speechcraft. When an enemy attacks an ally, taunt them to make them attack you instead. If they cannot reach you on their turn, they will use an improvised attack. If they cannot reach you with an improvised attack, taunt has no effect. "If you use Throw Voice to cause Taunt to target an enemy, the taunted target must roll an insight save with a difficulty class of 10. If they succeed, Taunt has no effect."
Hoax 1/Turn 1 Reaction When an enemy moves or attacks an ally, use Hoodwink on them as a reaction.


Trait Description
Interpretation You are able to interpret spoken languages you do not understand into vaguely understandable words and phrases. Your Speechcraft actions function against mortals that speak any other language, but have disadvantage against them.
Lies and Slander When you use a Speechcraft action on an enemy, they have disadvantage on their next Insight save until your next turn.
Confidence Trick When you use Hoodwink on a target affected by Debate or Lies and Slander, you can force them to move regardless of which action you force them to take. You can force them to use Dash, Jump and Assist instead of attacking.
Modded Body You gain 2 equipment slots that can equip 2 Al-Abaht Modifications. To apply and remove Al-abaht Modifications, you need to visit a Biomechanic.
Magnetic Your metal body is affected by magnets, and magnetic forces can deal shock damage to you. You gain a permanent weakness to Shock damage, increasing shock damage taken by 50%.
Iron Warrior Your defense is increased by +1. You gain proficiency in Endurance and a weapon of your choice.
Bescribed Your very essence is submersed in the mysterious power of Scripture. Writing utensils count as weapons against you and deal D6+2 damage to you. Food and water no longer sustains you, but you can eat paper and drink ink as replacements.
The Endless Sea When you are defeated without any Mortal Wounds, you are submerged in a pool of ink that removes all status effects and protects you from being attacked or interacted with until you have been revived. Bescribed creatures can still attack or interact with you.
Silver Tongue Wit and cunning allows you to use your words or body language to manipulate the minds of others. Your Speechcraft actions have 15m range and only affects targets that can understand a language both of you speak. You gain proficiency in Deception, Intimidation or Diplomacy.
Luck and Chance Luck plays an important role in the harsh realities of this cruel world, and you have learned to take advantage of it. Each time you roll a 6 when you attack, you gain 1 Chance. You can spend 1 Chance to reroll any dice when you attack. You have to use the new result. You lose all Chance at the end of combat.
Vocal Range You can speak very loudly or very quietly, allowing you to adjust the range of your Speechcraft actions to only affect targets within the desired range. Additionally, the maximum range of your Speechcraft actions is now 25m.
Wayfinder You are able to read your environment, allowing you to determine approximately where you are, which direction is north, what time of day it is, what the temperature is, which direction the wind blows, and what sort of environment is around you. Dash allows you to ignore the speed penalties of difficult terrain for 2m.
Throw Voice You can throw your voice to make it sound like another character spoke instead of you, causing Speechcraft actions to act as if they were used by the target instead of you.
Happy Camper You are always able to tell whether or not an area is safe to spend longer time in. When resting or sleeping in a safe area, you will be alerted if anyone enters the area and your party cannot be ambushed.
Prodigy, Rank I Increases your maximum health by +5 and your maximum action points to 4.
Haruxel When activated, all Blots within 5m to become passive for 1 minute. Stronger Blots can only become passive for 3 turns in combat, and weaker Blots also become servile. Servile Blots can be commanded to move by the user.
Elegherk When activated, the user can see, hear or speak through the glyph at will for 1 day. This effect is canceled if the glyph is destroyed.
Lukugn When activated, the user resists all effects created by a nearby Abstract for 1 hour.
Cutting Remark, Rank II When you make an attack action, your next Speechcraft action is free.




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