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Spellbook II

Tier: 2
You add the following spells to your spellbook. Choose one of them as your readied spell for tier 2.   Ray of Confusion (2 Intellect points). You project a grey beam of confusion at a creature within short range, inflicting 1 point of damage that ignores Armor. In addition, until the end of the next round, the difficulty of all tasks, attacks, and defenses the target attempts is modified by one step to its detriment. Action.   Lock (2+ Intellect points). A door, gate, chest, drawer, locket, or other object that can be closed within long range snaps shut and is magically locked (level 3 effect) for one hour. If an object or creature is physically holding the target object open, you must also succeed on an Intellect-based attack. For each level of Effort you apply, the quality of the magical lock increases by one level. Action to initiate.

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