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  • Agile: +2 to Speed Pool
  • Long-Lived: Your natural lifespan (unless tragically cut short) is thousands of years.
  • Skills and Inabilities
    SkillYou are specialized in tasks related to perception.
    SkillYou are practiced in using one bow variety of your choice.
    SkillYou are trained in stealth tasks. In areas of natural woodland, you are specialized in stealth tasks.
    InabilityWhen you fail a Might defense roll to avoid damage, you take 1 extra point of Damage.
    Additional Equipment
    BowYou have a bow and a quiver of arrows to go with it.
    Initial Link to Adventure
    Roll the Dice
    1Before putting an arrow in the forest intruders, you confronted them and met the PCs, who were on an important quest.
    2Your heart yearned for farther shores, and the PCs offered to take you along to new places.
    3Your home was burned by strangers from another place, and you gathered the PCs along the way as you tracked down the villains.
    4An adventure was in the offing, and you didn’t want to be left behind.

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