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  • Smart: +4 to Intellect Pool
  • Skills and Inabilities
    SkillYou are eager to learn. You are trained in any task that involves learning something new, whether you are talking to a local to get information or digging through old books to find lore.
    SkillYou have made a study of the world. You are trained in any task involving geography or history.
    InabilityYou tend to fixate on the details, making you somewhat oblivious to what’s going on around you. The difficulty of any task to hear or notice dangers around you is increased by one step.
    InabilityWhen you see something interesting, you hesitate as you take in all the details. The difficulty of initiative actions (to determine who goes first in combat) is increased by one step.
    Additional Equipment
    BooksYou have 3 books on whatever subjects you choose.
    Initial Link to Adventure
    Roll the Dice
    1One of the PCs approached you to learn information related to the mission, having heard you were an expert.
    2You have always wanted to see the place where the other PCs are going.
    3You were interested in what the other PCs were up to and decided to go along with them.
    4One of the PCs fascinates you, perhaps due to a special or weird ability she has.

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