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Tier: 1
Spellbook. You’ve compiled a tome of spells, formulas, and notes that grants you flexibility that other sorcerers don’t possess. With your spellbook, you can replace one of your readied spells (such as Arcane Flare, Magic Shield, Ray of Confusion, and so on) with a different one of the same tier that is also in your spellbook. You can have only one readied spell of a given tier at a time. To make the switch, spend ten minutes studying your spellbook, after which time your readied spell is changed out. A spellcaster can choose to vary her readied spells up to twice per day, immediately after a one-hour or ten-hour recovery roll. (Changing out the spell requires only about a minute.)   Choose one of the following spells as your readied spell for tier 1.   Arcane Flare (1 Intellect point). You enhance the damage of another attack spell with an extra charge of energy so that it deals 1 additional point of damage. Alternatively, you attack a target within long range by projecting a flare of raw magic that inflicts 4 points of damage. Enabler for enhancement; action for long-range attack.   Magic Shield (1 Intellect point). You gain +1 to Armor for an hour. Action to initiate.

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Cypher System

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