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skippy saccharine | Member Since 15 Feb, 2018
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{ skip | 19 | INFP | ♏ | she/her } // hi hi!! welcome to my profile, enjoy your stay

Interests & Hobbies

making characters, writing, drawing, worldbuilding of course, uhhh Lions, social justice, greek mythology, personality typology, astronomy, fairy tales

Favorite Movies

big hero six, ghostbusters (2017), star wars: the force awakens, back to the future trilogy, spider-man: into the spiderverse, wonder woman, black panther, thor: ragnarok, captain america: the winter soldier

Favorite TV Series

doctor who, arrowverse, elementary

Favorite Books

harry potter, percy jackson & the olympians

Favorite Writers

My Very Good And Sweet Friends Of Course

Favorite Games

pokémon, etrian odyssey, ace attorney, life is strange, oxenfree, undertale, cookie run, breath of the wild, d&d

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