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@ neahsroom
Coartani Isley

Member Since: 13 Jan, 2019


I'm just a writer who gets sucked into her world building and forgets to actually write the book lol!


Interests & Hobbies

Writing, world building, drawing, photoshopping, making videos, etc.

Favorite Movies

Narnia, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.

Favorite TV Series

I love k-dramas, anime, and fantasy/supernatural teen dramas like:
Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries, Naruto, One Piece, Black Butler, Boys Over Flowers, Doctor Stranger

Favorite Books

Vampire Diaries, Maximum Ride, Vampire Academy

Favorite Writers

JAMES PATTERSON. The end. Period. More than enough said.

Favorite Games

Stardew Valley, Graveyard Keeper, Minecraft, Sims 4.