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hi im liv! im a creator who tends to have random spurts of activity. i can be slow when it comes to my work, but i'd love to be an author someday! i also have various ideas for video games and webcomics. glad to be here!

Interests & Hobbies

Nightmind, Monsters/Cryptids, ARGs/webseries, Panic! At The Disco, Writing, Roleplaying, Character design

Favorite TV Series

Gravity Falls, Soul Eater, Little Witch Academia, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Gotham, Trollhunters, Ao No Exorcist/Blue Exorcist, Stranger Things, Children of the Whales, Nanatsu no Taizai

Favorite Games

Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Stardew Valley, Undertale, Minecraft

Comments & Feedback

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19 Dec, 2018 02:26

Thanks for the like! I love the pixel art you have in your articles! Keep up the good work!

19 Dec, 2018 02:38

thank you so much, and the same to you!

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