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Member Since: 14 Sep, 2017


I came, I gamed, I never really got around to leaving...

Favorite Writers

Wildbow, Gene Wolfe, Jim Butcher, Dan Abnett... To many to list really.

Favorite Games

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, World of Darkness, Rolemaster Classic, Call of Cthulhu, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, OSR Style, and many more.

Comments & Feedback

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2 Jun, 2018 19:23

Thank you very much for following my world, I really appreciate it. ^-^

4 Jun, 2018 14:02

Thank you so much for following Variel! Hoping you enjoy the upcoming Coin Catchers series taking place within the world!

16 Jul, 2018 18:58

Thanks for the follow! Judging by that holy crap eye-catching header you got, we might have similar ideas in fiction. :D

27 Jul, 2018 05:40

Thank you kindly for following my baby of a world! ^-^

18 Oct, 2018 15:07

Thank You for following my world, glad you liked it

20 Oct, 2018 20:57

Thank you so much for the favorite on the Whiptepede!

25 Oct, 2018 18:20

Thanks again for the follow and all the likes, Industrial! As you may know (since you liked the Builders Guild article), I try to give something back to people like you by providing inworld rewards ^-^   You have earned 10 Builders Guild bricks, becoming part of the Aqualon Builders Guild with your current rank being "member".

Here is your badge. It is also displayed with a link to your profile on the ABG article, and whenever you comment anywhere on my world, it will show up next to your name :3 You may also use your bricks to buy houses on Aqualon.

26 Oct, 2018 19:38

Cheers man :)

2 Nov, 2018 13:22

The heck ? are you seriously reading my nano as I progress through it? I mean if you do, I hope you 'll like it but that's dedication cause it's far from polished or even remotely spellchecked... In any case thx for your interest

4 Nov, 2018 23:36

Thank you so much for the follow! ^ - ^

3 Dec, 2018 23:35

Thanks for the follow!

4 Dec, 2018 16:02

Thanks for following Istaria! Enjoy exploring and feel welcome to leave feedback!

4 Dec, 2018 21:11

Thank you for following my world, that's so nice of you :D

6 Dec, 2018 23:23

Thanks for following my small growing world

9 Dec, 2018 08:37

Thank you for following the world of Cré and the story of Siege Perilous. It means a lot to me and I hope you enjoy!


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