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Zack Hopkins-DeMerchant | Member Since 16 Feb, 2018
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Hi! My name is Zack, I am an aporagender (non-binary), pansexual game designer! I'm making a game too close to my pen name! Check out my world building if you would like, I'm terrible at it <3.

The Illustrious Society of Science Fantasy Thinkers
Interests & Hobbies

Video Game Design, Sci-Fi, Crying Over Others' Worldbuilding

Favorite Movies

Marvel's Avengers, Fault in Our Stars, Moana

Favorite TV Series

Code Lyoko, Thundercats (2011), Steven Universe, Edd Ed N Eddy

Favorite Writers

My Wife

Favorite Games

Stellaris, Age of Empires II, Dwarf Fortress, Civilization V, The Elder Scrolls III :Skyrim, Sonic Adventure Battle 2


Latest Loved work


Geode Coral

The Delvi Star System

A Scientific Look at the Human Species


Dargan of the Roaring Waves