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Zack Hopkins-DeMerchant

Member Since: 16 Feb, 2018


Hi. I'm making a game too close to my pen name! Check out my world building if you would like, I'm terrible at it <3.

Interests & Hobbies

Video Game Design, Sci-Fi, Crying Over Others' Worldbuilding

Favorite Movies

Marvel's Avengers, Fault in Our Stars, Moana

Favorite TV Series

Code Lyoko, Thundercats (2011), Steven Universe, Edd Ed N Eddy

Favorite Writers

My Wife

Favorite Games

Stellaris, Age of Empires II, Dwarf Fortress, Civilization V, The Elder Scrolls III :Skyrim, Sonic Adventure Battle 2

Comments & Feedback

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3 Jul, 2018 08:51

Zack you are doing some amazing work on WASC! It's really sad we cannot comment on your articles! Keep up the great work!

3 Jul, 2018 15:57

Thank you for your kind words (as well as the likes and follow), words cannot describe how honored I am that you took the time to read my work.   I have gone ahead and enabled comments on all my work. I initially had them turned off cause I have had some bad run-ins on other sites with really... nonconstructive feedback. If you have the time and you had something you wanted to say on any one of my articles, I would be more than happy to read whatever you have to say.

6 Jul, 2018 05:52

Thank you for the follow!

6 Jul, 2018 06:46

Thank you for the follow on mine! :D The quality of your articles is amazing and something I hope to achieve.

30 Jul, 2018 07:03

Thank you so much for following Morlea and favoriting multiple articles! It means a lot :D

31 Jul, 2018 01:12

Not a problem, your world is very fantastical and the original art is very bright and colorful, a welcome and refreshing sight.   Thank you for the mutual like and follow as well! :D

24 Sep, 2018 07:29

Thank you for the follow!

1 Oct, 2018 00:11

You are very welcome! :D

2 Dec, 2018 08:57

Thank you for the follow :D Very curious to read more about Zack the Great, I'll checl it out in more detail when I have writer's block :)

3 Dec, 2018 00:40

Thank you for your follow I really appreciate it! Your lovely comment made my year. <3

21 Jan, 2019 18:54

Thanks for the like!

17 Feb, 2019 05:57

Thank you for the like on my article!

20 Feb, 2019 20:43

You're very welcome. I really have to check out more of your world when I have time. I'm really loving it's theming.

20 Feb, 2019 19:35

Thanks for the like on my article! Nice to see another video game maker on here!

20 Feb, 2019 20:31

You're welcome! You're work is really enchanting, I can't wait to see more of how your games turn out.

7 Mar, 2019 00:27

I want to thank you for following my little world! ^-^

7 Mar, 2019 02:54

You are very welcome. :D I'm always a big fan of virtual world stuff, and Hello World is right up my alley in that regard.

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