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Kiera zarek | Member Since 11 Jul, 2019
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I'm a nerd and geek who loves science history biology and of course writing! ( Sorry if I can't spell the do other stupid things I'm a 13 year old Idiot with OCD and ADHD )

Interests & Hobbies

Reading writing drawing painting gaming astrology swimming biology science history animals taxonomy

Favorite Movies

Atlantis the lost Empire

night at the museum Jumanji

Favorite TV Series

Steven universe atla the owl House

Favorite Books

Percy Jackson wings of fire Heroes of Olympus warrior cats Trials of Apollo

Favorite Games

Pokemon slime rancher stardew valley the sims 4 Minecraft DragonVale human fall flat subnautica kings quest city skylines D&D Tomodachi life Sims 3

Latest Loved work

Council of Kings

Damage report - Earthquake hits.

The Spectral Cats