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The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles


Hello! I am Joshua Edwards, known more commonly online as 'TheSolitaryGamer'. I'm currently working on OmniVerse, a massive worldbuilding project spanning several universes and planned to have several stories within it! Alongside that, I'm an aspiring animator, artist, level-creator... Several things!   My focus right now is OmniVerse, once WorldEmber is over however I plan on working on an animation and a level-set for the 1993 game Doom! Rest assured, however, I will still be giving OmniVerse as much attention as needed; as it's what I desire to give as much work done as possible. I'm commonly active on Twitter so feel free to find me there! Likewise, I have a discord server for those who wish to chat about anything and stay up to date on whatever projects I work on!

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