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15 Nov, 2018 22:01

Hello! I've got a writing challenge for you, if you're up for it, you, myself, and the other top 20 from Tale Foundry's Forging World's Challenge.   What I'm proposing is a Secret Santa Short Story Swap!   We each write a setting for a story seed, and then we randomly get assigned each other's entries, and write a short story for that world. This isn't an official contest due to WorldEmber, but the World Anvil team like the idea and gave me the go ahead to try it. :)   Are you interesting in joining? I'm thinking of having Christmas as the deadline, and a wordcount of... let's say a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 7,000. I'm unsure about the story seed still... Would you be up to submitting one for the contest, and then we have a vote on which one to use?   A) Would you like to take part in this and are up to writing a story in order to receive one?   B) Do you have the time to create a story of (at most) 7,000 words by Christmas?   Please reply here or message me on discord @arkansandragon#9647

16 Nov, 2018 03:40

I'm also asking you and the others if you guys would prefer a less busy month to do this.

16 Nov, 2018 23:36

I'm afraid my hands are going to be full with Worldember, sorry. It's a great idea though, good luck!

3 Aug, 2018 15:12

Thanks for the follow! I'm trying to give my followers options on what they want to see next, so if you're interested in partaking in that, here's a link for you! :D Patreon Votes!

12 Jul, 2018 14:59

Thank you for the follow!

25 May, 2018 00:45

Hey! You mentioned a while ago that you really liked my submission to the Sacred Site contest. If you're interested, I've added quite a bit more to the world, including prose.

26 May, 2018 01:50

*steeples fingers* excellent.

7 Jun, 2018 12:02

Haha, I'm glad you're interested! Let me know what you like and what you want to see more of.

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