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Revenant of the Lines | Member Since 10 Apr, 2020
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Creator of *counts fingers really quickly* nine worlds/universes (only one of which is currently on WorldAnvil). Master storyteller (as nominated by friends and family). Dream is to become the next J.R.R. Tolkien (gonna be hard without any hobbitses in my worldses). Name/profile picture is a reference to my original world and its deity *cough*nameandconceptcopyrightofmeallrightsreserved*cough*. Am non-cringe furry and weeb (am willing to slap cringe furries and weebs with my trusty 2x4 when the need arises). Lazy genius (I say this as humbly as it can be said, which is not much). Lover of comedy and memes (very dank, much good). Secretly Freddie Mercury but not really. May or may not be a pug pretending to be a human. Bad (but tries REALLY HARD) at grammar. Hater of spinach. Got any cake? I like cake. Mmmmm canke...

Currently developing Yaindir, the *another quick count* fifth world I've created. Once that has been developed to its full developotential (haha I just made a word up), I plan to make a big U (no u) turn to my first world and finish making that. Reason I'm making my Yaindir first is because I'm running an RPG with some friends based in the world of Yaindir and I don't want them to get confused and upset. Which happens surprisingly less than I thought it would.

I use for *cough*all*cough* my photos (including my profile picture). Will be updated to be more accurate/not be other people's work (lookup picrew to see what I mean) when I actually get an artist. I would credit the creators of the makers I used, but I cannot read Japanese. Copyright of the maker goes to the creator of the maker (maker meaning picrew device I used to create the character).

Thanks for visiting my profile! >:3

Interests & Hobbies

*slowly holds up bucket of memes*

Favorite Movies

Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Pirates of Caribbean, Mune: Guardian of the Moon, Treasure Planet, Hercules, Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Favorite TV Series

Black Clover, Dr. Stone, Radiant, Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These, The Dragon Prince, The Orville, Adam Ruins Everything, Star Trek: Lower Decks, Cells At Work!, Bungo Stray Dogs.

Favorite Books

Does manga count? Legend of Zelda the manga series. Legend of Zelda the manga series. Legend of Zelda the manga seriesLegend of Zelda the manga series LeGenD oF ZeLDa tHe ManGA sEriEs LEGEND OF ZXELEFDA TEHF E----- Oh and various things by Neil Gaiman here and there.

Favorite Writers

Neil Gaiman. ALL HAIL NEIL GAIMAN! Also Walt Disney even though he wasn't a writer writer he still wrote... Movies.

Favorite Games

Warframe, Stellaris, Starbound, Subnautica, Ravenfield, Terraria, Every Fire Emblem Ever, Minecraft (don't judge).