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Shay LeClaire | Member Since 15 Oct, 2018
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Long-time author, slight-less-long-time DM for many campaigns. After life kept happening, I decided it was time to bring my worlds to a digital medium for my players/readers who cannot meet every week.

Interests & Hobbies

Worldbuilding; Tabletop RPGs; CCGs; Painting

Favorite Movies

Whisper of the Heart; Equilibrium; V for Vendetta; Moulin Rouge

Favorite TV Series

Westworld; Game of Thrones; Random anime bullshit

Favorite Books

A Song of Ice and Fire; Disc World; Dresden

Favorite Writers

Jim Butcher; Terry Pratchett; George RR Martin; Darren Shan; Anne Rice

Favorite Games

Dark Souls; Warframe; Monster Hunter; Elder Scrolls; XCOM

Latest Loved work