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Rigin Lorae

Rigin Lorae | Member Since 2 Feb, 2019
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Rigin Eldritch Lorae has lived in the southwestern US his entire life, and as such has gained an unhealthy appreciation for heat and an understandable intolerance for cold. He self-identifies as an otaku and is a self-proclaimed Lich King and the Sith Lord Darth Tromos.

Interests & Hobbies

Necromancy, LARPing, discovering new tricks for magic (and similar)-users to out-perform their opponents

Favorite Movies

Anything sci-fi and/or fantasy, including comic book movies

Favorite TV Series

Anime, preferably a combination of comedy with horror and/or action.

Favorite Books

Comic books, manga

Favorite Games

Stealth shooters, FPS, RPG, SSB, Injustice, board games, card games, Star Wars: The Old Republic series, and physics puzzles

Latest Loved work