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I am PondDragon. A lad who enjoys stories and especially making them. And although I not that good at it I like to write. Either lore for my worlds or stories that I never tend to finish. Along with that I also like to draw, mostly dragons. As dragons are amazing. But I also enjoy Cosplaying and Larping, the costumes I make myself using foam. But one of my favorites is TTRPG's and I GM multiple games. So far I only play D&D 5e and Starfinder. But I'm always trying to learn other systems!
Of course everyone has their flaws. Mine being my dyslexia and having trouble getting started on my hobbies. Meaning that my pieces are littered with spelling/grammar mistakes. And I sadly don't update my world frequently.
But with that it concludes my introduction! Anyone is always welcome to say hello and if you have to time have a read in one of my worlds! But with that, those who read this. Have a nice day! And remember,
Dragons are awesome

Favorite Movies

-Lord of the Rings As the series kickstarted my love for fantasy. And is one of the main reasons why I love medieval fantasy.
-T-34 Even though it was a bit predictable and romanticized. I still very much enjoyed the story and it's special effects.
-Pirates of the Caribbean Again it was a bit romanticized and it had it's flaws. I still quite like the movies

Favorite TV Series

-The Last Kingdom I adore the writting, even though it can be a bit funky I really enjoyed the story and loved the series. And is by far my favorite serie to watch, and would definitely recommend
-Star Wars the Clone Wars The Clone Wars was my childhood meaning that it has a special place in my heart.
-The Mandalorian I just like the writting and the story telling of the series. And of course the shiny shooty man.
-The Witcher I liked the games and I liked the series. It has the general themes which I enjoy watching. That being dark medieval fantasy.

Favorite Games

-Skyrim For all it's buggy glory it was a part of my childhood. And I was anotehr reason why I like medieval fanatasy so much.
-Witcher I've only played the Witcher 3, but it was still a very fun game for me, exploring a bit more darker themes. Which I loved. And only reinforced my love for madieval fantasy.
-Team Fortress2 I can't seem to escape this game how much I try. Help.
-Divinity Original Sin 2 Just like many of my favorite games, it takes place in a medieval fanatasy setting. And I still really like the game.
-The Total War series So far I like most of the Total War games. But I mostly play Warhammer 2 and Rome 2. And commanding a army in battle is something I very much enjoy doing.