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Cameron Snell


Member since: 25 Jan, 2018

Married with two wives and one child, a boy born 11/18/16.

Favourite Movies

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Favourite TV Series

iZombie, The Good Doctor, Rick and Morty

Favourite Books

Name of the Wind series, Warded Man series

Favourite Writers

Ann McCaffrey, Peter V. Brett, Patrick Rothfuss

Favourite Games

Monster Hunter series, SWGOH


[b]Many[/b] a fevered nightmare of the inhabitants of [url=https://worldanvil.com/w/orrosta-Polygamoose/a/world-of-orrosta-article]Orrosta[/url] foretold of this event, but none could be sure whether it was mere dream or a true omen. Unfortunately fo...

Fantasy, Dark Medieval


[in]Thousands of years ago, an age of prosperity reigned supreme due to the direction of its long-time leader. But as all things must, it came to an end; the beloved emperor grew old and passed away. The kingdom went into mourning. Court magisters be...

Fantasy, Dark

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