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23 Dec, 2018 21:48

Hi Ophelia, Thanks for liking the wolven. I did this Species already long ago for another RPG but now decided to implement them in my new Campaign.   So if anything spikes your interest in the world, or there is anything you absolutely don't like, just let me know. Discussion usually sparks creativity, in my experience at least.   Working on the Humans atm, to get the player races done. I have some notes from player backgrounds and discussions, but need to fiddle it into a cohesive whole atm.

12 Dec, 2018 13:30

Thank you very much for following Aqualon, I really appreciate it ^-^ If you enjoy the setting and writing, consider taking a peek at our Discord Server where I share regular little facts about the world, updates on articles, streams and contests, and gather skilled writer to discuss worldbuilding and chill ^-^

24 Oct, 2018 03:51

Thanks so much for the follow! So intrigued to follow Athines. I can't wait to see your work on religion and the bestiary.

24 Oct, 2018 04:25

Thank you, I can't wait to get around to it. I really like the look of United Britannia and Hibernia.

27 Oct, 2018 02:13

Thanks!! It's such a WIP but I'm hoping to flesh it out more soon.

20 Aug, 2018 03:03

Hey thanks for the double fav and follow!

3 Jul, 2018 19:40

Hello! I just wanted to say thanks for following my world and tell you that your world of Athines is interesting!

24 Jul, 2018 07:11

Hi, and thank you for the follow and the likes (and this message). Sorry I'm late to respond.

2 Jul, 2018 00:31

Thanks for following my world. May I ask what spiked your interest?

2 Jul, 2018 01:09

The story line that I read on the main page sounds interesting, and your pages are engaging


History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.
  Author||Musician||Fan   Hey there, my name's Ophelia T. Starks, I'm a Dutch-Australian fantasy/fanfiction author, fangirl, and recent high school graduate, though not necessarily in that order. I speak two languages (English and Dutch), and I am learning German and French, though I am more confident with German.  
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