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Isabelle Apel | Member Since 25 Mar, 2020
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Trilingual writer hailing from the kingdom of Belgium. Been into Fantasy since I was a little kid typing on my mom's electrical typewriter, but only really lost myself in it after joining an online roleplay group. When the group disbanded and the world about to collapse, I took it all and created Aeyuu from its ashes.   Not yet a published author despite having likely over 1000 pages of writing of all sorts compiled, but we aspire and work towards it. And as I adore worldbuilding, it seemed only natural to my chaotic brain to join this wonderful place!

Interests & Hobbies

Cross-stitching, drawing, cats, trying to survive this horrible world

Favorite Movies

Dragonheart! And inspired movies like Meet Joe Black, Ruby Sparks, Valerian, and oh so many I can't name right now.

Favorite TV Series

Big Bang Theory, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Supernatural (don't judge me)

Favorite Books

The Dragonsbane tetralogy by Barbara Hambly

Favorite Writers

I feel I don't know enough writers to name one. Sure, I love myself, but people who inspire me? Maybe I can fix that here! :D

Favorite Games

Oh gods don't open this can. If I had to choose but one, it'd be Persona 5. So let's stick to that one.


Latest Loved work

Anatomy of an Article