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Lead worldbuilder for Vazdimet Studios, encompassing the universe of Vazdimet and its ancient past, Fillimet, focusing on topics of life, strife, and consequences. I love exploring character motivations and their interactions with others and the world at large, so expect a lot of character-focused themes in my novels and stories. My favorite tropes focus around character growth, healing and adaptation, redemption and its inverse, found family, everyday life in the midst of chaos and struggle, and self discovery, so expect to see a lot of those in reading my work. Some tales are bright, some are dark, but all have their thread of hope throughout.   For more details about me, check my extended profile: M H Biscup.

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Secondhand Lions, The King's Speech, Ever After, Finding Dory, The Last Jedi, Red, The Hunt for Red October, Stardust

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Criminal Minds, Bones, Last Week Tonight, The Witcher, Babylon 5, Firefly

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Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull, Dani, William L. Shirer, Michio Kaku, Anne McCaffrey, Timothy Zahn, Dale Brown, Megan Derr, T Kingfisher


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