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Member Since: 3 Oct, 2018


Writer, RPer, history lover, nerd, geek, music lover. Basically, I'm what you'd expect to find on a site like this. I love military history, scifi, fantasy, historical fiction - also Mexican food. I'm obsessive over one thing for a while, then change to something else - but the interest never really leaves me, so I've stored up quite the collection of fandoms and tastes.

Interests & Hobbies

RPing, World Building, Writing, playing a lot of games, drawing and design

Favorite Movies

Star Wars trilogy (especially 3), Back to the Future 3, Blackhawk down, and a ton of Disney, Pixar stuff from my childhood.

Favorite TV Series

A-team, Star Wars: the Clone Wars, The Expanse

Favorite Books

Ringworld, Starship Troopers, The Expanse series, Harry Potter, Metro

Favorite Writers

Harry Turtledove, (will add more later)

Favorite Games

Command and Conquer Generals, SW - battlefront 2, Sly-Cooper 3, Arma 3, Kerbal Space Program, Paradox Games, Total War Games, Telltale Games, Mass Effect series