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Member Since: 4 Nov, 2018

Thanks for stopping by! I am a beginner to the world of creative writing and VR World is the first project I have felt truly excited about, but please note it is an ever-changing work-in-progress as I manifest my ideas into text. I am very open to feedback and suggestions!

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13 Nov, 2018 06:12

Thanks for favoriting my introductory article!

27 Nov, 2018 01:06

My pleasure! I greatly enjoy your style :)

24 Nov, 2018 05:24

Thank you so much for following Aqualon! :3

27 Nov, 2018 01:07

Absolutely! Looking forward to exploring the world~

27 Nov, 2018 05:59

If you do like it, consider dropping by in the Aqualon Discord ^-^ I'm always available for questions there, plus there are channels for daily facts about the world (on which I have been slacking a bit lately, but there's still 198 facts already), updates on new articles and novel chapters, and channels for chatting and creative talk. I've got a cozy community of skilled and enthusiastic writers growing :3

10 Dec, 2018 09:37

Thank you so much for following Skeigham! =)

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