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Ian Strait | Member Since 23 Apr, 2019
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I'm a almost 40yr old small business owner and medical M patient. I live on the bay across the sound from Seattle.

Interests & Hobbies

Black Metal particularly, Scandinavian, German, Austrian, French and 60' and 70's soul for music.

Favorite Movies

Dawn of the dead (70's), to live and die in LA. In the mouth of madness and way too many to list.

Favorite Writers

Piers Anthony, H.P. Lovecraft, King, Barker, James patterson, Richard Harris and again way too many to list.

Favorite Games

RPG: Call of Cthulhu, DreddD20, Shadowrun 2nd edition, Cyberpunk, Paranoia, Gamma World and many more. Tabletop games: Decent 2nd edition, Arkham Horror 2nd edition, Merchants of Venus, Pandemic 1st edition plus more. Minature gaming: Necromunda, Space Hulk, blood bowl and many nore.

Latest Loved work