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Hello there, I'm Han! In my regular life, I'm a game developer focusing on the front-end side of things - meaning I get to work on some very, very cool things every day... and also that I can't talk about any of them. Whilst I live in Australia, I'm actually English - I emigrated a little while ago and have been trying to find my way back to Europe ever since.   I'm usually a high fantasy writer with a focus on expansive, meaningful stories with characters that genuinely feel as real as you or I, but you'll find me including just about everything in dashes. There's even a little bit of sci-fi here and there. I draw inspiration from a number of series - Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, Discworld, Earthsea, Gunnerkrigg Court... and I'm perfectly willing to nerd out over pretty much anything so long as it's not D&D 5e. I'm a Pathfinder 1e GM through and through!   Talk to me about hit MMORPG FFXIV!

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