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Making Worlds is fun, whether they get used or not. Its also an excuse to research and expand my horizons into areas that I love.   In terms of Worldbuilding my "specialities" (I use that word exceedingly lightly) are: Mythologies/religions~ I was a classicist and myths/pantheons/fairy tales have always been a particular interest of mine.   I'm a avid reader, gamer, tv watcher and devourer of narratives. I have completed and English degree and am coming up to half way on my Law degree.

Interests & Hobbies

World Building     Tabletop Rpgs     Classical Mythology research     Ice Skating     Swimming

Favorite Movies

The Lord of the Rings     Star Wars     Cloud Atlas     The Colour of Water     Hellboy

Favorite TV Series

Fullmetal Alchemist     Spice and Wolf     The Ancient Magus Bride     Gurran Llagan     Game of Thrones     Taboo     Peaky Blinders     Black lagoon     RWBY

Favorite Books

Cosmere (I like Warbreaker best) ~ Brandon Sanderson     Cloud Atlas ~ David Mitchell     The Redemption of Althalus ~ David and Leah Eddings     Ancillary Series ~Ann Leke     The Witcher Series~ Andrzej Sapkowski     The Lord of the Rings ~ JRR Tolkein

Favorite Writers

Brandon Sanderson     JRR Tolkein     Andrzej Sapkowski     Ann Leke

Favorite Games

The Witcher Series     Dragon Age Series     Final Fantasy Series     Guild Wars Series     Overwatch     Heroes of the Storm     Crusader Kings 2


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