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Atra Ri'isha | Member Since 1 Feb, 2018
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Zircon the Terror

The Hope Centura Crew

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Born in the slums of Cappa-5, Atra grew up in less than pleasant surroundings, often having to fight for his life. Having turned to smuggling early on, Atra made a quick debut in the criminal life. Years into smuggling, a close friend turned foe by turning him into the local Enforcers. He currently lives in the high-security prison D3-TH.

Interests & Hobbies

Drawing, writing, acting, travelling

Favorite Movies

Kingsmen, Pacific Rim, Harry Potter series, Deadpool, Spiderman: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnorok

Favorite TV Series

Harry Potter, Lord Of The RIngs, Percy Jackson

Favorite Books

Life, sci-fi

Favorite Writers

Tolkien, Rainbow Rowell

Favorite Games

First person shooter, puzzle, platforming, Indie

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Zircon the Terror

The Hope Centura Crew

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Zircon the Terror

The Hope Centura Crew

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